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German fruit bread is a German holiday specialty and is very easy to make at home. It tastes so good with butter, jam or honey and is an ideal and healthy snack. The only unusual ingredient is “citronat” which is candied lemon peel, an important ingredient in German Holiday Baking.
Find Orangeat in this German online store
If you keep it in a tin box it will be good for weeks. So bake it 2 weeks before Christmas and enjoy it Christmas morning. Happy Baking!

1x1.trans German Fruit Bread

Ingredients German fruit Bread
125 g sugar
125 almonds
125 hazelnuts
125 g citronat or orangeat (candied lemon and orange peel) - how to make citronat and orangeat -
125 g raisins
125 g flour
125 g dried plums and apricots
125 g dried figs
3 eggs
1/2 package baking powder

Baking Instructions
- Cut dried fruit and figs in small pieces.
- you can chop the nuts and almonds or not; depends on your taste.
- mix all ingredients well and place dough into a greased pound cake form.
- bake for 60 min on 180 C or 350 F.

If you keep the fruit bread in a tin box it will be good for quite some time.

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Oct 132014

This is a authentic Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen recipe from Germany that needs some specific ingredients but you can get them all in the USA. These Lebkuchen are supposedly the best ones. Of course you can buy them also ready made in the USA, imported from Germany, but there is nothing better than home baked Christmas cookies or Lebkuchen. The recipe is using Orangeat and Zitronat (candied orange and lemon peel)  Click here to find the recipe to make Orangeat and Zitronat at home -
The US candied lemon and orange peel I found online is containing mainly sulfur dioxide, high fructose and corn syrup, additional sugar, which is not good at all, as it will alter the taste, so home made is much better or without any preservatives.
Happy Baking!

1x1.trans Authentic Nuremberg Elisen Gingerbread


10 eggs
1 kg hazelnuts
800 g cane sugar
100 g each Zitronat and Orangeat  - find Orangeat in a US German store - Zitronat see below
2 packages lebkuchen spice (each package 15g)
1 Tbsp cinnamon ground
1 point of a knife Hirschhornsalz (ammonium Carbonate)
1 tsp lemon zest
60 wafers diameter 70mm (Oblaten) – find 70mm Oblaten here -
200 g dark Kuvertuere or dark chocolate
chopped almond pieces or sliced almonds to decorate

Baking Instructions

- grind hazelnuts if you cannot buy the ground ones>
- chop orangeat and zitronat fine.
- mix all ingredients to a dough.
- pre-heat oven to 200 C or 390 F, then reduce.
- spread dough on the wafers.
- Bake Lebkuchen on reduced heat 150 C or 300 F for 30-45 min.
- chop the chocolate and melt it in double boiler.
- when Lebkuchen had cooled off poke them on a fork and dip them briefly in the melted chocolate. Decorate with almonds.
- if you cannot get the Kuvertuere add a little shortening or neutral tasting coconut oil  to the dark chocolate

Keep them in a tin can, so they last the longest.


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Oct 122014

Gingerbread, or Lebkuchen in German,  recipe is a classic holiday cookie that is not that difficult to make.  You mix all ingredients and bake it on a baking tray. If you like you can spread chocolate or a sugar frosting on top. Happy Baking!

1x1.trans German Gingerbread or Lebkuchen Recipe

Ingredients German Gingerbread or Lebkuchen Recipe

350 g flour, sieved
200 g sugar
1 package baking powder
150 g dried fruit
100 g almonds ground
3 tsp lebkuchen spice (allspice)
2 tsp cloves ground
1 package vanilla sugar
1/4 l milk
2 tsp honey
4 eggs
150 g liquid butter

Baking Instructions
- in a big bowl mix all ingredients and mix well with a wooden spoon.
- layer a baking tray with parchment paper and spread dough thin on the paper (about 1 inch)
- bake in preheated oven for 30 min at 200 C or 390 F.
- cut in rectangle pieces when it has cooled off.


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Oct 092014
German Apple Streusel Cake

German apple streusel cake is one of my favorite cakes and you can vary it with prunes or apricots. It is the ultimate Kaffee and Kuchen Cake in Germany. The cake is easy to make, even baking beginners will have fun.  Happy Baking! Ingredients German Apple Streusel Cake Dough 300 g flour 200 g butter … read more …

Oct 042014
German Apple Bread

The German Apple bread is a nice alternative to fruit bread, it does not contain eggs. Happy Baking! Ingredients 750 g apples or 4 big apples 200 g sugar (or 250 if you like it more sweet) 250 g raisins or cranberries 150 g whole almonds 500 g flour 1.5 packages baking powder (Dr Oetker) … read more …

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Sep 192014
German Lebkuchen Hearts

German Lebkuchen hearts are very popular on all German fairs, the Oktoberfest and the Christmas markets. There are booths which sell the hearts with all names and wishes. Unfortunately you cannot buy them here in America but you can make them at home. Decorate them as you like. It is a great gift for birthdays or … read more …

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Sep 092014
Potato Soup from Berlin

Potato Soup from Berlin or Berliner Kartoffelsuppe in German is a great Eintopf (stew) for the fall season. In Germany Eintopf dishes are very popular. Why? They are easy to make and healthy. These Eintopf soups are the best the next day. Well, try it out and you will see. Happy Cooking! Ingredients 2,5 kg … read more …

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