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Potato Soup from Berlin or Berliner Kartoffelsuppe in German is a great Eintopf (stew) for the fall season. In Germany Eintopf dishes are very popular. Why? They are easy to make and healthy. These Eintopf soups are the best the next day. Well, try it out and you will see. Happy Cooking!

1x1.trans Potato Soup from Berlin

2,5 kg potatoes such as russet or potatoes you would use to make mashed potatoes
1 kg assorted soup veggies (carrots, celery root and leaves, spring onion, leek), frozen or fresh
250 g ham or lean bacon (Speck)
3 small onions
3-5 sausages (Knackwurst or Frankfurter)
3 bay leaves
4 piment seeds or all spice
2 tbsp instant veggie broth ( I only use the one from Rapunzel as it is all natural)
salt, pepper
3-5 tbsp chopped parsley
butter as needed

Cooking Instructions
- peel potatoes, cut in small cubes, place in a pot with water (potatoes should be slightly covered), add some salt and bring to  a boil.
- in a different pot melt butter and fry the bacon on high heat (if the bacon has a lot of fat don’t use butter).
- peel onions and cut in smaller pieces, add to the bacon and fry them until they are transparent.
- add the frozen vegetable or the chopped fresh vegetable.
- add about 1/2 l water and bring to  a boil.
- add bay leaves, all spice, instant broth and 1 tsp black pepper, mix well and let simmer until the potatoes in the other pot and the vegetable is soft.
- when the potatoes are done keep the water, mash the potatoes and add them to the vegetable broth. Also add the potato water to the soup.
- add more water so you have about 5 l soup. The soup should be thick and not to then.
- Bring to a boil and let it simmer on low heat for some minutes.
- Cut sausages in 1/2 inch thick slices and add to the soup.
- Finally add chopped parsley and spice with salt and pepper to taste.

You can make this soup the day before and enjoy it the next day. As any “Eintopf” the soup is the best the next day!


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Sep 092014


Cucumber Salad with dill is a great side dish for many dishes and occassions. Of course it goes well with fish dishes but is also great for the BBQ. It is super easy to make and healthy. No preservatives or sugar or additives. The most American dressings contain far too many additional substances. This dressing has only 4 ingredients! Happy Cooking!

1x1.trans Cucumber Salad with Dill

1  English cucumber
sour cream
fresh or frozen dill to taste (not more than 1 tbsp.)
salt, ground pepper

Cooking Instructions
- peel cucumber and slice it on a grater in very fine slices.
- mix with sour cream and dill, then add salt and pepper to taste.
- Mix very well.
- don’t serve right away, let it soak for  at least 15 minutes.

Perfect salad for grilled fish or meat.

- add a small onion or chalotte and mix it to the salad.
- add a tiny bit of sugar
- use herbal salt.
- add a little bit of sunflower oil and German vinegar.
- add a fresh spring onion, sliced.

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Sep 032014

How to make Homemade vanilla sugar? I received this question quite often and decided to answer it in this article. To make your own vanilla sugar is some good idea especially when living in the USA as this popular German baking ingredient is not available in the main super markets (only in specialty stores). We use vanilla sugar in the most cakes and desserts. It cannot be substituted with normal sugar, you can buy it and the best is from Dr Oetker or you can make it at home. It is super easy. Happy Cooking!

1x1.trans How to make Homemade Vanilla Sugar

2 whole vanilla beans, the seeds from  inside
400 g sugar (white or brown, as you like)

2 vanilla beans
250 g powdered sugar

 You can also use already used vanilla beans or use the vanilla seeds inside. Scratch the seeds out of the vanilla and add to sugar.
For using the beans: Add half of the sugar in a jar with a lid (should be closing  tight).Place the whole vanilla beans in the sugar, then cover them with remaining sugar;  they should be completely covered.
Let is rest for some days so that the fragrance will be in the sugar. Leave the beans inside the sugar.

Variation with powdered sugar
Use the whole bean; cut it in smaller pieces. Don’t scratch the seeds out of the beans.
In a coffee grinder grind the bean pieces with some tea spoons powdered sugar until they are really tiny.
Sieve the sugar because powdered sugar can have some clumps.
Fill powdered sugar in an airtight jar and add the mix from the coffee grinder, and mix well. You can use it right away. This variations is very strong, so use first a little bit, then try and add more if needed.


  • The vanilla beans get very hard after some time. You can take them and cut them into very small pieces or grind them in a processor or mixer. If you add the ground vanilla beans the sugar will get brownish but more vanilla fragrance will be added.
  •  When the vanilla beans are hard cut them in small pieces and add them to the ground coffee. Adds some nice vanilla fragrance to the coffee powder.
  • If you like vanilla pudding add the hard and dry beans to the milk, adds more vanilla taste to the pudding.

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Sep 032014
German Apple Sauce or Apfelmus

German Apple Sauce or Apfelmus is a great side dish for potato pancakes (Reibekuchen) or with Griessbrei (semolina pudding) and it can be used in cakes as well. It is very easy to make and as any home made dish it is all natural. Some brands use preservatives which is mere nonsense. Try it out … read more …

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Aug 262014
Home Made Kroketten

Home made Kroketten is a popular German side dish that you can order in every German restaurant. In the USA I found potato taters but they are not the same as the Kroketten. Basically they are mashed potatoes that will be fried in oil. Here is a recipe for home made Kroketten. Happy Cooking! Ingredients … read more …

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Jul 312014
Streusel Cake with Plum Butter

Streusel Cake with Plum butter (Pflaumenmus in German) is an easy German cake that even beginners will be manage successfully. If you don’t have plum butter  here is the recipe to make it – Go to Recipe – But you can also use different jams like apricot, red currant or raspberry. Plum Butter of Pflaumenmus … read more …

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Jul 302014
Plum Butter or German Pflaumenmus

Plum Butter or German Pflaumenmus in German is a German jam specialty and you cannot make this bread spread with some other fruit then the Italian prunes or “Zwetschgen” in German. They call it “Powidl” in the bohemian and Austrian cuisine and it is used to fill different pastries and cakes. In Bohemia they used … read more …

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