Jun 272016

Do you know that you can use cucumbers in a soup? Yes, you can. Potatoes and cucumbers are in fact a classy combination plus dill, an herb which perfectly fits cucumbers. This soup is so yummy and healthy, you can buy the ingredients anywhere, which makes is really easy. I just made the soup today for dinner. Took me 20 minutes, and it was delicious. Enjoy your home made German potato soup! Happy Cooking.

Potato Cucumber Soup

Ingredients Potato Cucumber Soup

1 medium sized or 2 small cucumbers
6 medium sized potatoes - 1 1/2 pounds, peeled, cut into 1/2 inch cubes and boiled
3 cups cold water
1,5 tsp salt
ground black pepper, hint nutmeg
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup milk
1 medium size onion (cut in small pieces)
1 tbsp chopped fresh dill (or dried)

Cooking Instructions
- With a small, sharp knife peel the cucumber and slice it lengthwise into halves. Scoop out the seeds by running the tip of a teaspoon down the center of each half. Cut it into 1/4 inch dices and set aside
- In  a big pot bring the potatoes and the water to a boil (high heat). Reduce heat to moderate, add salt and pepper, cook uncovered until potatoes are soft and can easily mashed against the sides of the pot.
- With a potato masher mash the potatoes in the cooking water, don't throw it away. You can also put them into a sieve which is set over a bowl,  and with a large spoon  force the potatoes through the sieve; or use a mixer or a food mill but not a blender.
- Add some butter in another pot (or use same one and keep mashed potatoes in a bowl) until foamy, then add onions and fry them until transparent (not brown)
- Add potato puree to the onions, mix in the cream, and cucumbers
- Let the soup simmer for about 5 minutes in low heat (high heat will cause the milk to burn on the bottom of the pot)
- The soup is done when the cucumbers are tender but not too soft, they should be still a bit firm.
- Add the dill and serve it hot.


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Jun 262016

The Fruit cake with Tiffin liqueur is a special creation using the black tea liqueur Tiffin. Below the fruit is a pudding-Tiffin layer which adds a creamy note to the cake. Tiffin liquor itself has  a note of bergamot, rose petal, all spice and fresh herbs, with flavors of dark fruit and black pepper.
Tiffin is actually a top-selling tea liqueur in Japan. Find it at the US importer
You will like this cake. I did not add a glaze on top because the pudding layer is just fine. Happy Baking!

fruit cake with Tiffin liqueur

tiffin black tea liqueurIngredients Fruit Cake with Tiffin Liqueur
5-6 strawberries
1 small can mandarins, unsweetened
1 package Vanilla pudding Dr. Oetker - How to make Vanilla pudding -
2 cups milk
1 package vanilla sugar Dr Oetker - 0.3oz
2-3 shots Tiffin Liqueur - Find it at



4 eggs
125 g sugar
100 g flour
9 tbsp oil
1/2 package baking powder
1/2 package vanilla sugar (optional)

Baking Instructions
- mix all ingredients well and pour into a greased form (diameter 10 inches, preferably a German form.
- bake for 30 min on 175 C or 350 F
- make pudding per instructions when the cake is already done and has been cooled off a bit.
- add Tiffin to pudding, mix well.
- spread a layer of the pudding on the cake, then place the fruit on top as you see on the photo or create your own design. You can use kiwi, banana, raspberries, peaches or pears; cherries only sour cherries.

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Jun 262016

This Authentic German Lemon Cake recipe is super easy and perfect for baking beginners. Important is to use organic lemons and oranges as you need the zest. You will love this cake with a cup of coffee or your favorite tea. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the garden for Kaffee and Kuchen! Happy Baking!

german lemon cake

Ingredients German Lemon Cake

300 g soft butter
350 g sugar
1 pinch salt
zest from 1 organic lemon and 1 organic orange
6 eggs (medium)
300 g flour
100 g starch
1 package baking powder or 0.7oz
100 ml milk
bread crumbs (natural, no spices or flavor)

Glaze: 500 g powdered sugar
6-7 tbsp orange juice and 6-7 tbsp lemon juice

Baking Instructions
- mix butter with sugar, salt, zest of orange and lemon and beat until creamy.
- add one egg after the other, mix baking powder with flour and starch, add alternating with milk to dough.
- grease a deep baking tray and sprinkle with bread crumbs or layer with baking paper; spread dough evenly onto the baking tray.
- bake in pre-heated convection oven for 25-30 min  on 300 F (do the test with toothpick or skewer, poke the cake and when no dough sticks, the cake it done).
- For the glaze mix powdered sugar with lemon and orange juice until smooth.
- Take 4 tbsp of the glaze and add some natural edible yellow color and keep separate.
- when cake is done spread the white glaze on top of the cake.
- fill yellow glaze into a freezer bag and cut a tiny corner off. Make some thin lines on top of the white glaze.

Before you cut the cake in rectangles make sure the glaze is firm.

To get a special fluffy cake separate eggs first, mix egg yolks with butter, sugar, salt and zest, mix in remaining ingredients as mentioned in recipe; beat egg white until firm, and at the end add firm egg white, fold in carefully.

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Jun 262016
German Potato Horseradish Soup

German Potato horseradish soup – a soup that is easy to make and inexpensive too! I like the fact that healthy and tasty food does not have to be expensive. It was very common in Germany to serve only meat for the Sunday lunch such as chicken, beef or pork. During the week meatless dishes … read more …

Jun 252016
German Walnut Cake

  The German Walnut Cake is a cake for any occasion and is also called Gugelhupf which is Bundt cake in English. It can be for the holidays, birthdays or for the coffee and cake Sunday afternoon. Try this German Walnut Cake with a lemon glaze which is easy to make.It is very easy to make. … read more …

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Jun 252016
German Creamy Chocolate Cake

The German creamy chocolate cake is actually more than a German cake. It is a “Torte” which means it has more than one layer. This creamy chocolate cake is filled with  an irresistible chocolate cream. In Germany we use a special corn starch for baking named Mondamin. It is pure potato starch that is gluten … read more …

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Jun 252016
Authentic German Goulash Beef Stew

German Goulash beef stew is actually a dish from Hungary but is became very popular in Germany as well. This is an authentic German recipe. Goulash has two options: 1. Enjoy it as a stew, or 2. enjoy it as a soup, the Goulash soup. The Goulash soup has become a traditional New years Eve … read more …

Jun 242016
Pork Roast Franconia Style with Dark Beer Gravy

If you like pork roast you should try the pork roast Franconia style with a dark beer gravy. This recipe is authentic and proven and comes from the German region Frankenland or Franconia. The Franconian lands  are in Bavaria, north and south of the Main River. There is a lower and upper part which is … read more …

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