Jun 242014

The black-red-gold fruit skewers dessert is not only for German soccer fans. It can be a nice German patriotic dessert for a party or BBQ.
These skewers are so easy to make. Just get the fruit, wash it and poke it on skewers. Ready!
1x1.trans Black Red Gold Fruit Skewers

For the red color: Strawberries
For the black color: black berries
for the gold color: mango, nectarines, peaches or apricots

Use long enough skewers to make them. Peel the nectarines if you use them; alternately poke the fruit on to the skewer, start with gold, then re, then black, alternate.

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Jun 242014

Black-red-gold cocktail is the nicest cocktail for German soccer fans. 2014 is the year of soccer and in some days Germany plays against USA. May the best team win! Happy Cocktail Mixing!

1x1.trans Black Red Gold Cocktail

For the black layer
8cl vodka
8cl red currant juice or blackberry juice
For the red layer
4cl vodka
4cl strawberry syrup
80 g strawberries
For the gold layer
2cl vodka
6 cl passion fruit juice
80 g mango fruit


  • puree mango and mix with vodka and passion fruit juice
  • puree strawberries and mix with vodka and syrup.
  • mix vodka with red currant juice
  • place all mixes in the fridge for about 3 hours.
  • then first pour gold mix into a long drink glass, then on top the red mix by using a tea spoon – pour the red mix over the spoon into the glass. finally add the dark layer very slowly over  a teaspoon on top of the red layer.
    Source recipe and photo

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Jun 232014

Black Red Gold Cake This is a fruit cake with black berries, strawberries and gold kiwis or you can also use mandarins. The bottom of the cake has a thin layer of dark chocolate, so the cake won’t get soaked. This recipe shows you to make the cake from scratch. In Germany you can buy the cake base in every supermarket, not in the USA, at least not the ones that we love. Enjoy this cake while watching another 2014 world championship soccer game. Happy Baking!

1x1.trans Black Red Gold Cake

Ingredients base cake (form 28 cm diameter, 1 cake)
6 tbsp flour
6 tbsp sugar
3 eggs
3 tbsp sunflower oil (no taste)
1/2 package baking powder
50 g dark chocolate
fresh fruit – black and strawberries, kiwis or mandarins from the ca

Cake Glaze
1,5 tbsp potato starch
250 ml water or  juice
2-3 tbsp sugar (using water 3 tbsp, juice 2 tbsp)

Baking Instructions
- pre-heat oven to 350 F
- mix flour, sugar and baking powder in a bowl, add eggs and oil and mix well.
- fill dough into a greased or form and bake for 10-12 min on medium level. Let cool off for 10 min before taking it out of the form. Then let cool off completely on a baking grid.
- melt chocolate in double boiler and spread on bottom of cake very thin, let chocolate cool off so it gets firm.
- wash fruit, cut strawberries in half, peel kiwis and cut in slices and place it in the color sequence on the cake.
- for the glaze mix starch and sugar with some tbsp liquid;  bring remaining liquid to a boil and add starch mix, let it simmer for 1-2 minutes. Should the glaze be too firm add some more water or juice.

- spread glaze over the cake and place cake in fridge until the glaze is firm.

recipe and picture source

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Jun 162014
Leberkaese Burger

Leberkaese Burger: The best snack while watching the wold championship of soccer this year. German is the WM fever, so the Germans in the USA. Together with German beer this is the ultimate snack. Get the Leberkaese from – Happy Soccer Time! Ingredients Leberkaese Burger (serves 4) 1 tbsp sunflower oil 4 slices Leberkaese … read more …

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Jun 072014
German Strawberry Ice Cream Cup

German Strawberry Ice cream cup is what you get in every ice cream parlor (Eisdiele in Germen) in Germany. They are everywhere. Every little German city has a “Eisdiele”. Of course summer time brings fresh strawberries and this ice cream cup is so delicious that you can’t resist. It’s a wonderful dessert or just for … read more …

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May 232014
Drinks with Riemerol

Drinks with Riemerol are refreshing aperitifs for any summer party or festivity. Riemerschmid – Premium Quality since 1835 Riemerschmid started with fine vinegars and licors and is now producing high quality syrups for the bar and cuisine. Riemerschmid is using a special butterfly mixer to make the syrups so that the substances are maintained wand … read more …

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May 052014
Riemerschmid Elderberry Bar Syrup Drinks

  Elderberry Syrup is made out of elderberries which grow almost everywhere in Germany and also in North America. Riemerschmid – Premium Quality since 1835 Riemerschmid started with fine vinegars and liquors and is now producing high quality syrups for the bar and cuisine. Riemerschmid is using a special butterfly mixer to make the syrups … read more …

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May 052014
Hugo Aperitif

Hugo is an aperitif that is very popular in Germany and it is using elderflower syrup. It is produced by RIEMERSMID which is distributed in the USA by Elderflowers growing in spring The elderflower syrup is of  a golden color and can be used for cocktails, cooking, baking, dessert and iced teas, and non-alcoholic … read more …

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