Apr 172015


German gluten free almond cake or “Torte” is a German baking specialty for a nice traditional Kaffee and Kuchen afternoon. Torte is not exactly a cake as it is mostly made using a butter cream. If you cannot eat products with flour this cake is a wonderful alternative. Easy to make without needing special ingredients. If you cannot get blanched almond slices find them here: Sincerely Nuts Blanched Almonds Sliced 1 LB

german gluten free almond cake

6 eggs (medium)
150 g heavy cream
150 g sugar
225 g powdered sugar
225 ground almonds (almond meal)
20 g almond slices (preferably blanched)
100 g soft butter

Baking Instructions
- separate eggs.
- in a pan bring heavy cream and sugar to a brisk boil, let cool off a bit, then add egg yolks, beat thoroughly while adding the egg yolks.
- heat the cream until you have a thick cream – don’t bring to  a boil!
- cover surface right away with plastic foil.
- beat egg white until firm, add powdered sugar while beating.
- add ground almonds.
- layer a spring form (diameter 26cm) with baking paper, place dough on top and bake for 10 min on 150 C or   300F convection (175 C or 350F)
- let cool of fin the form.
- Roast almond slices in a pan without adding grease until golden.
- Beat soft butter until creamy, then add egg cream spoon by spoon.
- Remove cake from the form and place on a platter.
- Spread egg cream on top and add some almond slices and powdered sugar before serving.
Cake must be chilled for about 1 hour or until the cream is firm.


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Mar 182015
Radeberger beer goulash comes from the German city of Radeberg which is located in Saxon and was former DDR. In Radeberg they brew one of the finest beer you can imagine since centuries: The Radeberger Pils. This is the beer that is originally used in this recipe.
Crowned the official drink by King Friedrich August III of Saxony, Radeberger, a pilsner style beer brewed near Dresden, is characterized by its dazzling and refreshing taste and has long been enjoyed by German nobility. Radeberger is also the first brewery in Germany to brew beer exclusively in the Pilsner style and which still exists today. The Saxon recipe beer goulash is using this beer but of course it is not everywhere available in the USA. Alternatively use a mild beer or Pilsner like Pilsner Urquell. The Radeberger beer is distributed at the US East coast. Enjoy this delicious German dish – Happy Cooking!
radeberger goulash

Ingredients (serves 4)
1 kg pork or beef
2 tbsp sunflower oil
2 onions
salt, pepper
1/4 liter broth (can be instant)
1/2 liter Pils beer (In Germany they use the beer from Radeberg)
3 tbsp dark bread, older and grated (optional)
1 garlic clove
1/2 tsp caraway seeds
4 tbsp sour cream

Cooking Instructions
- cut meat in cubes, roll the cubes in flour, chop onions.
- heat oil and saute onions with garlic until transparent, then add the meat and brown it evenly on all sides.
- spice with salt and pepper. Fill up with broth and beer, so all meat is covered.
- let simmer for 45-60 min, if liquid should evaporate fill up with more beer.
- when the meat is tender, add the bread crumbs, caraway seeds and sour cream.

Serve with mashed potatoes or Serviettenknoedel - Find the recipe for Serviettenknoedel here -

radeberger beer

Mar 152015

Authentic German lemon cake recipe that is super easy and perfect for baking beginners. Important is to use organic lemons and oranges as you need the zest. You will love this cake with a cup of coffee or your favorite tea. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the garden for Kaffee and Kuchen! Happy Baking!

german lemon cake

300 g soft butter
350 g sugar
1 pinch salt
zest from 1 organic lemon and 1 organic orange
6 eggs (medium)
300 g flour
100 g starch
1 package baking powder
100 ml milk
bread crumbs (no spices, natural)
Glaze: 500 g powdered sugar, 6-7 tbsp orange juice and 6-7 tbsp lemon juice

Baking Instructions
- mix butter with sugar, salt, zest of orange and lemon and beat until creamy.
- add one egg after the other, mix baking powder with flour and starch, add alternating with milk to dough.
- grease a deep baking tray and sprinkle with bread crumbs or layer with baking paper; spread dough evenly onto the baking tray.
- bake in pre-heated convection oven for 25-20 min  on 300 F (do test with toothpick or skewer, poke cake and when no dough sticks, cake it done).
- For the glaze mix powdered sugar with lemon and orange juice until smooth.
- Take 4 tbsp of the glaze and add some natural edible yellow color and keep separate.
- when cake is done spread the white glaze on top of the cake.
- fill yellow glaze into a freezer bag and cut a tiny corner off. Make some thin lines on top of the white glaze.

Before you cut the cake in rectangles make sure the glaze is firm.

To get a special fluffy cake separate eggs first, mix egg yolks with butter, sugar, salt and zest, mix in remaining ingredients as mentioned in recipe; beat egg white until firm, and at the end add firm egg white, fold in carefully.

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Mar 112015
Liver Berlin Style

Liver Berlin Style is a classic dish from Germany’s capital Berlin. It is veal liver with fried apple and onion rings served with mashed potatoes, red cabbage or carrots. The combination of apples and liver is just delicious. The original is using liver form the calf but you could also use pork or beef liver. … read more …

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Mar 022015
Swabian Potato Dumplings

  Swabian Potato Dumplings or as we call them “Knoedel”, are a regional food specialty from the South of Germany with Stuttgart as the main city of the county Baden-Würtemberg. This region has many delicious food specialties. The dumplings are served with dishes that contain gravy such as beef roast, Goulash or beef rolls. This … read more …

Feb 182015
Cucumber Stew

Cucumber Stew is a delicious German main dish with ham or without. Ideal for a meatless dinner, just don’t use ham. The cucumber stew is easy to make and tastes the best with English cucumbers or special cucumber for cooking. Happy Cooking! Ingredients (serves 1-2) 1 -2 cucumbers, English 1-2 slices cooked ham – dont … read more …

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Feb 172015
German Ash Wednesday Salad

German Ash Wednesday Salad is just the right food after the carnival days. Many people suffer from a hang over so something salty is the best remedy such as the ash Wednesday salad with Matjes fillets. Matjes herring is very popular in Germany and Scandinavia but not that much in the USA. The herring filets … read more …

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