May 022016

The filled butter cake from Germany is very similiar to the regular butter cake but this cake has a nice yummy filling. The filling is consisting of vanilla pudding and if you have some egg liqueur (Verpoorten), you can add it to the filling - that makes  a little difference. If you add some teaspoons of cocoa powder to the pudding you have a nice creamy chocolate filling. You can add some raspberries or apricots into the filling too! There are plenty of variations. Enjoy this cake! Happy Baking!

filled butter cake

375 g flour
1 package dry yeast - in Germany: 1 cube - See: All About Yeast
70 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar - How to make Vanilla sugar at Home -
1 pinch salt
1 egg
200 ml milk, lukewarm
100 g butter, in flakes
75 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
120 g sliced almonds
750 ml milk
80 g sugar
2 packages vanilla pudding - How to make Vanilla Pudding -

Baking Instructions Filled Butter Cake

- make the yeast dough: warm the milk a little bit.
- into a bowl add sugar, vanilla sugar, butter, egg and salt with the milk.
- dissolve the yeast, then mix it with the flour and knead it until you get a smooth dough.
- cover the dough with a kitchen cloth and let raise at a warm place for 40-50 min.
- on a baking board that is sprinkled with flour knead the dough again then roll it on a greased baking tray  and with the tip of your finger make little molds in the dough, place butter flakes in each mold.
- mix sugar, almonds and vanilla sugar and sprinkle it on the dough.
- cover and let raise for another 25 min at a warm place.
- pre-heat oven and bake for 25 min on 350 F.
- let the cake cool off completely, cut in 4 pieces of the same size, and then cut them again.
- Make the pudding per instructions, let the pudding cool off  a bit before you spread it on one piece, then add the other matching piece on top. Repeat with all pieces.
- Keep the cake for 2 hrs in the fridge or 5-10 min in the freezer.
- Before serving cut the pieces again. If you like you can add a thin layer of powdered sugar on top right before serving.


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May 022016

The German Butter Cake Muffins are easy to make and you will love them! This is a proven original and authentic German recipe. Happy Baling!

butter cake muffins

7 tbsp butter (105 g)
220 g flour
1 tsp (flat) baking powder
150 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar, .5oz - How to make your own Vanilla Sugar -
125 g heavy cream
2 eggs, medium
1 apple, slightly sour
4 tbsp sliced almonds

Baking Instructions Butter Cake Muffins

- melt butter in a pot and let cool off a bit.
- mix flour with baking powder and sieve into a bowl.
- add one after the other 120 g sugar, vanilla sugar, heavy cream, eggs and 3 tbsp butter; with a hand mixer beat until creamy.
- peel apple, remove core and cut in small cubes.
- add to the dough.
- pre-heat oven to 350 F.
- place dough into double muffin paper forms and place them into the muffin baking tray.
- sprinkle with remaining sugar and almonds, drip some of the remaining melted butter on each muffin.
- bake for 20-25 min, lt cool off before you take them out of the tray.


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Apr 302016

Today we show you how to make German Bregenwurst. This is a sausage from lower Saxon and has its origin from the words "Bregen" or "Brägen" which low German dialect (Plattdeutsch),  and it means "brain" which was originally an ingredient in this sausage. The Bregenwurst is very common and popular in this region. Today the sausage does not contain brain anymore, it is forbidden to add. Bregenwurst is served with kale and potatoes. That is the traditional combination.
Note: You need to be familiar with sausage making - this is just the recipe for the Bregenwurst which is not available at all in the USA and is made only in specific regions of Germany. We are not responsible for any errors, mishaps or faulty results.

german bregenwurst

Ingredients (based on 1 Kilogram meat)
60% pork shoulder
40% pork belly
both meats cut into cubes

20 grams kosher or fine sea salt
2 grams ground white pepper
2 grams ground mace
1 gram ground cumin

80-100 grams chopped yellow onions
80-100 grams white bread of choice cubed moistened with water or white wine

german bregenwurst

Cooking Instructions Bregenwurst
- combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly
- put all meat through the  meat grinder
-  put into a sausage stuffer and fill into sheep casings.
The finished sausage may be steamed, boiled, smoked or grilled.

Helpful LINKS:
- Find natural sausage casing here -
- Find more information and supplies for sausage making here -

How to make Bregenwurst (in German only). In the video he is using almost the same ingredients as in our recipe. He is using a spice mix that is not available in the USA.

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Apr 282016
Bremer Wickelkuchen or Wickel Cake

The Bremer Wickelkuchen or in English Wickel Cake is basically a kind of roll or strudel (like apple strudel) but has a chocolate- streusel filling or a filling with raisins and almonds. This recipe is from someone who made such a cake probably a hundred times back when there was no hand mixer. It is … read more …

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Apr 202016
Fried Potatoes Thuringia Style

The Fried Potatoes Thuringia style use as many dishes from “Thueringen” caraway seeds and marjoram. The caraway seeds can be ground too if you don’t like the strong taste when you bite on a seed. In Germany you have quite  a lot of potato “brands”. We recommend for fried potatoes to use the Gold potatoes … read more …

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Apr 182016
Cherry Cake from the Black Forest

The cherry cake from the Black Forest is called “Kirschplotzer” and comes from the region Baden. That’s the region from Freiburg to Karlsruhe. You would use the regular sweet cherries for this cake. It is also using rolls which need to be 1-2 days old. Don’t use fresh rolls. Alternatively baguette or French bread can … read more …

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Apr 072016
Potato Dumplings Spessart Style

The potato dumplings Spessart style come as the name states from the region Spessart in Germany. The Spessart is a medium mountain range (Mittelgebirge) in the German states Bavaria and Hessen. The mountains Vogelsberg, Rhön and Odenwald are at the border. The highest Spessart mountain is the Geiersberg with 586 meter.  Interestingly it was the … read more …

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