May 232016

This is another original German recipe that is using quark, the popular fresh cheese that we use for a lot of cakes and desserts. You can find information about quark and how to make it at home  on (see below at ingredients).
The mini fried cheese balls are made with quark and will be deep fried in vegetable oil. We love them because they are so small and are especially good for a dessert buffet or a party. Children love them like crazy!  You can use a deep fryer or not. It is possible to boil the oil in a big enough pot on the stove; just drain the grease on kitchen paper. Happy Baking!

mini fried cheese balls

Ingredients Mini Fried Cheese Balls

500 g flour
500 g quark - How to make Quark at home -
1 tsp salt
250 g sugar
1 package baking powder Dr Oetker, 0.5 oz - almost 1 tbsp or 7g
1 package vanilla sugar Dr Oetker, 0.28 oz - How to make Vanilla Sugar Recipe -
4 eggs
oil for deep frying such as sunflower or canola oil (make sure it is high quality oil!)

Cooking Instructions
- in a bowl mix the ingredients together (not the oil!)
- with 2 teaspoon make small portions and place them into the hot oil of the deep fryer or use a pot with enough oil on medium heat.  The temperature should be 170 C or 340 F. If you use a pot do the spoon test: hold a wooden spoon into the hot oil. If you see it bubbles next to the spoon, the oil it hot and ready for the balls.
Make only a few at one time. The dough will increase and the balls turn themselves while cooking.
- Bake them until they have a golden color.
- place the done ones on a kitchen paper to drain the grease.
- roll them on sugar

If you don't create a perfect round shape the balls will not be so round, they have some edges and little horns which makes them look funny.

How to make Perfect Round Balls
1. Use ice cream scoop for the dough or
2. Fill the dough in a freezer plastic bag and close the top with a clamp or paper clips. Cut one corner of the bag off so you have an opening of about 3cm. The dough is not liquid, it is rather firm, therefore when you press the dough out you will get a small flat stripe. Cut that stripe off with a knife that had been dipped into the hot oil (they show it in the the video which is in German but you can see the actions very well).


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May 232016

Have you ever looked for the best German Marzipan Brownie Recipe? Here it is. It's an original German recipes that you will love using chocolate and marzipan. The best is to use raw marzipan but we found out that the so called German marzipan potatoes (Marzipankartoffeln) can be used too! Sometimes there are marzipan leftover from Christmas and they can be used for this recipe  - Happy Baking!

german marzipan brownie recipe

Ingredients German Marzipan Brownie Recipe

250 g semi-sweet chocolate
200 g butter
250 g flour
200 g raw marzipan
6 eggs
100 ml sunflower oil
300 g sugar
50 g amaretto cookies

Baking Instructions Marzipan Brownie

- melt the chocolate using the double boiler method.
- mix flour, sugar, butter, oil and eggs. Add the molten chocolate and mix well.
- cut the marzipan very fine with a sharp knife or grate it, then add to dough. The marzipan should be so fine that it will dissolve. Alternatively mix the marzipan with the eggs and puree it.
- crumble the amaretto cookies: place them in a freezer bag and crush them. Add to the dough.
- layer a baking tray with parchment paper and spread the dough onto it. If you use a cookie or cake form the baking time will be longer and the cookies will be thicker.
- bake for 20-25 min on 350 F

Place the marzipan the day before in the freezer or place it for some hours in the fridge. That's the best way to grate it so you can use it for the brownies.


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May 202016

The German meatloaf classic recipe or any other meatloaf variation is very popular in Germany. The meat we use for making the meatloaf in Germany is mostly half pork and half beef. Sometimes if you use only lean beef it can get dry because this beef has a low fat content.  Important is the gravy which can be made easily. Serve the German meatloaf classic with side dishes such as mashed or fried potatoes and of course a salad or you favorite choice of vegetable. Happy Cooking!

german meatloaf classic

Ingredients German Meatloaf Classic

1,5 2 days old rolls or any light wheat or French bread
2 pickles
2 smaller onions
5-6 tbsp chopped parsley
2 tbsp lemon juice
50 g butter
600 g ground meat, half beef and pork or just beef
2 smaller eggs
1/8 liter broth, instant (vegetable or beef broth)
1/8 liter heavy cream
1 tbsp crème fraîche
1 tsp sweet paprika powder (not smoked)
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper to taste
some butter for the form

Cooking Instructions
- cut the rolls in fine slices, place in a bowl and soak in water until the bread is soft. Then press all water out of the rolls before you use them.
- chop the pickles and onions fine.
- heat 1 tbsp butter and saute onions until transparent. add chopped parsley.
- place this mix in a bowl, add rolls, pickles, meat, eggs and lemon juice.
- spice to taste, and knead thoroughly, the best with the hands.
- melt remaining butter, take some soft butter and grease the form with it.
- Form a loaf out of the meat and place it in a fire proof form.
- broil for 30 min on 350 F (convection) or on 375 F no convection.
- brush now and then some melted butter of the loaf so it won't get dry.
- Gravy: heat the broth, mix with heavy cream, creme fraiche and paprika (double the amount if you need more gravy).
- pour the gravy over the meatloaf and broil for another 10-15 min.



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May 112016
How to make Authentic Apple Strudel

Have you ever asked yourself how to make authentic apple strudel? Maybe you had the “Apfelstrudel” when you were in Germany or Austria, or you were lucky and got a home made piece of this delicious cake that is actually of Hungarian origin.. This following German recipe for apple strudel is authentic as it is … read more …

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May 102016
German Liver with Apples and Onions

German liver with apples and onions is a German specialty and very popular. Some add instead of sliced apples, sliced pine apples. This is a tasty combination. This recipe does not contain soaking the liver in milk before cooking. If you don’t like the strong taste of liver we recommend to use this little German … read more …

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