Aug 262014

Home made Kroketten is a popular German side dish that you can order in every German restaurant. In the USA I found potato taters but they are not the same as the Kroketten. Basically they are mashed potatoes that will be fried in oil. Here is a recipe for home made Kroketten. Happy Cooking!

1x1.trans Home Made Kroketten

Ingredients Home Made Kroketten
500 g potatoes
2 eggs
20 g potato starch or corn starch alternatively
20 g butter, soft
salt, pepper, bread crumbs (no spices, plain), oil, nut meg

Cooking Instructions
- boil potatoes, peel them and squeeze them through a potato press. Let cool off.
- add 2 egg yolks, starch, butter and spices to taste.
- form little Kroketten: first roll little balls, then roll them and press the ends slightly.
- roll them in the egg white and then in bread crumbs.
- fry them in a deep fryer or in enough hot oil from all sides until they are of a golden brown color.
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Aug 202014

1x1.trans Fruit Biscuit Cake

Ingredients Biscuit Cake for Fruit
180 g butter
180 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar Dr Oetker
3 eggs
180g flour
1 tsp baking powder
fruit of your choice

Baking Instructions
- pre-heat oven to 350
- beat soft butter (room temperature) until foamy.
- add sugar and vanilla sugar then one egg after the other while mixing.
- mix very well until the dough is foamy.
- mix flour with baking powder and add to the dough, spoon by spoon.
- grease tart form, diameter 28 cm or 11 inches, and sprinkle with flour or bread crumbs (no spices).
- fill dough into form and even out the surface so it is smooth.
- bake on medium level for about 20 min until golden brown.
- let biscuit cool off a bit, then carefully take it out of the form.
- place on a baking grid and let cool off.
- place fruit on top and add the glaze at the end (if using Dr Oetker glaze make it per instructions).
- You can make your own glaze with cherry juice and Tapioka; mix it in a pan and bring to  a boil, let cool off  a bit then spread on top.
- You also can make a Vanilla pudding first, spread over the cake then place fruit on top without a glaze.


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Jul 312014

Streusel Cake with Plum butter (Pflaumenmus in German) is an easy German cake that even beginners will be manage successfully. If you don’t have plum butter  here is the recipe to make it - Go to Recipe - But you can also use different jams like apricot, red currant or raspberry.
Plum Butter of Pflaumenmus is been used in many German cakes and pastries. This Streusel Cake will be a great addition for your Kaffee und Kuchen table on Sunday! Happy Baking!

1x1.trans Streusel Cake with Plum Butter

400 g sugar
400 g butter, melted and cooled off
1 pinch salt
1 tbsp baking powder Dr oetker
2 med size eggs
750 g flour
600 g plum butter
2 eggs
450 g creme fraiche
2 packages vanilla sugar

Baking Instructions
- melt butter and let cool off.
- mix sugar, flour, salt and baking powder in a big bowl; add 2 eggs and butter, make streusel out of it.
- layer a baking tray with parchment paper or grease it.
- pre-heat oven.
- place plum butter in a 1 quart plastic bag, make  knot on top.
- mix creme fraiche, vanilla sugar and eggs until it is creamy and smooth.
- press 2/3 of the dough onto the baking tray, so you get a smooth cake base.
- spread cream on top.
- cut a corner off the bag with the plum butter and place plum butter blots on the cream; add remaining streusel on top.
- bake for 30 min on 350 F.
Let cool off on a baking grid, then cut in triangles and dust with powdered sugar.

- Instead of plum butter use apricot jam or red currant jelly.
- Use less jam if you don’t want the cake to be so sweet or the layer of jam is thinner.
- Add 1 tsp cinnamon to the remaining streusel, knead the dough again, then place on top.
- This cake can be frozen.


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Jul 302014
Plum Butter or German Pflaumenmus

Plum Butter or German Pflaumenmus in German is a German jam specialty and you cannot make this bread spread with some other fruit then the Italian prunes or “Zwetschgen” in German. They call it “Powidl” in the bohemian and Austrian cuisine and it is used to fill different pastries and cakes. In Bohemia they used … read more …

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Jun 242014
Black-Red-Gold Fruit Skewers

The black-red-gold fruit skewers dessert is not only for German soccer fans. It can be a nice German patriotic dessert for a party or BBQ. These skewers are so easy to make. Just get the fruit, wash it and poke it on skewers. Ready! For the red color: Strawberries For the black color: black berries … read more …

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Jun 242014
Black-Red-Gold Cocktail

Black-red-gold cocktail is the nicest cocktail for German soccer fans. 2014 is the year of soccer and in some days Germany plays against USA. May the best team win! Happy Cocktail Mixing! Ingredients For the black layer 8cl vodka 8cl red currant juice or blackberry juice For the red layer 4cl vodka 4cl strawberry syrup … read more …

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Jun 162014
Leberkaese Burger

Leberkaese Burger: The best snack while watching the wold championship of soccer this year. German is the WM fever, so the Germans in the USA. Together with German beer this is the ultimate snack. Get the Leberkaese from – Happy Soccer Time! Ingredients Leberkaese Burger (serves 4) 1 tbsp sunflower oil 4 slices Leberkaese … read more …

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