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The chocolate cookie cake or "Kalter Hund" or "Zebra Cake" brings all my sweet birthday memories back as it was my birthday cake for many years. The chocolate cookie cake is rich and creamy, and pure chocolate. It is a delightful combination of chocolate and butter cookies (Leibniz). And you don't even bake it as the cake will be put in the fridge for some hours. Other names for this cake are "Zebra Cake" or "Cookie Cake". Some call it "Cold Snout" because it is kept in the fridge for hours before served, so it is very cold, like at dogs snout.
For the cooking you would need a special vegetable fat called "Palmin". It is firm coconut oil and the other ingredient is a special chocolate frosting. Both ingredients I did not find in a Californian supermarket. But I found them at the German Deli store online. It should also work with Shortening; I would use the organic shortening (more info at the end of the recipe). The following recipe is the original recipe from a 1960 cookbook!
The photo shows some white freckles; these are bits of German Spekulatius cookies that had been used as well; it is a nice variation for Christmas, just add some shredded Speculatius! Happy Baking

cookie chooclate cake

Ingredients Chocolate Cookie Cake
2 eggs
300 g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar (Dr Oetker)
120 g cocoa powder (unsweetened)
300 g coconut fat or the German Palmin (see below where to get it)
1 tbsp rum
35-50 butter cookies from Bahlsen or Leibniz ( see below)

Cooking Instructions Chocolate Cookie Cake

- Put coconut fat in a skillet and melt it on medium heat; let if cool off a bit by taking it off the stove
- Beat eggs, sugar, vanilla sugar, rum and cocoa until foamy.
- Mix the cooled off coconut fat with the egg-sugar mix in thin streams and slowly.
- If it is not smooth enough you can add hot water (not cold!)
- Line a loaf pan with parchment paper
- Fill in 5 tablespoons of the chocolate mass and make it smooth
- Fill a layer of cookies on top of it
- Repeat layers of chocolate and cookies until pan is full BUT only add 2 tablespoons of chocolate mass on the cookies
- Have the cake for at least 2-3 hours in the fridge until it has become completely solid
- Before you serve turn the form and carefully move the cake out of the form; remove parchment paper.
- Keep the cake cool until served.

Fix the parchment paper with tape on the outside of the pan.
You can keep this cake in the fridge or in a cold basement up to 1 week; wrap it in aluminum foil.
You can make this cake days before, just keep it cool.

If you cannot find Palmin in the USA here is an alternative:
2 parts Crisco vegetable shortening to one part Goya Coco Cream (you could probably use Coco Lopez or any other coconut cream product but is should not have the coconut taste).  To make it easy, use one bar of the Crisco shortening, then measure the Coco cream to be ½ the amount of the shortening - this is a proven method.


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  1. A drunken baker bakes the best cakes ;0

  2. recipe is revised. there is no icing. I cam not converting the German recipes, you need to get a metric scale or change them yourselves. The change that the recipe gets messed up is high by converting it.

  3. Thank’s for replying so quickly. But I still don’t know where you add the rum. My mother made this cake for me many,many years ago, and never got the receipe from her.

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