Dec 022016
Original German Butter Stollen Thuringia Style

This recipe for the original butter stollen Thuringia style is an authentic recipe from Germany.  In the region of Thuringia this special stollen is a local specialty for Christmas and it can be named only stollen from Thuringia when it has gotten a certification based upon very strict qualifications! Happy Baking! Ingredients Original German Butter … read more …

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Nov 282016
Original Dresdner Stollen - Christmas Specialty

Learn today how to make Original Dresdner Stollen which is a traditional Christmas cake in Germany since centuries,  and this is an authentic German recipe. The “Dresdner Stollen” is popular all over the world.  This German cake has its own history. Have you ever asked yourself what it is actually symbolizing? The form of the … read more …

Nov 252016
Holiday Baked Apples - Authentic German Recipe

The German Holiday Baked Apples are not only delicious, they also make your home smell like holidays. Enjoy this authentic German dish as a dessert or just for fun because it is so good! Happy Cooking! , Ingredients Holiday Baked Apples (for 2 apples) 2 big red apples 20 g almonds, chopped 2 tbsp raisins … read more …

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Nov 172016
Holiday Christmas Apple Cake - Authentic German

Ingredients Holiday Christmas Apple Cake 250 g butter, very soft 200 g sugar 0.3 oz vanilla sugar (1 package) – How to make Vanilla Sugar – 4 eggs 250 g flour 0.25 oz baking powder (1/2 package) 250 g hazelnuts or walnuts, ground 1 tbsp cinnamon 2 tbsp cocoa, unsweetened 3 tbsp dark rum or … read more …

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Nov 162016
German Christmas Cookies: Walnut Cookies

  In Germany we use walnuts for many baking recipes. The German Christmas Cookies Walnut Cookies are easy to make. This is the season for walnuts now and you can get them in almost every super market. Tip: If you cannot get ground walnuts use a coffee grinder to grind them. Happy Baking! Ingredients German … read more …

Sep 262016
German Fruit Bread - Best Holiday Recipe

  The German fruit bread is a German holiday specialty and is very easy to make at home. It tastes so good with butter, jam or honey. Great with tea or coffee as well. The only unusual ingredients are  “Citronat” and “Orangeat” which is candied lemon and orange peel, both are important ingredients in the … read more …

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Jul 272016
German Baked Apples Recipe for the Holidays

Now that fall is almost over and the snowy and cold season is going to start, this is the time for the recipe German Baked Apples. In German we call them “Brataepfel”. The most recipes use raisins and pecans but this recipe is using sunflower seeds. When the apples bake in the oven, the whole … read more …

Oct 102012
German Chocolate Cream Cake

German Chocolate Cream Cake is an original and authentic German chocolate cake how it is made in Germany. All other versions, I am afraid to say, are not German. It is without pecans, honey or whatever other exotic ingredients. The German name is: Schoko-Sahne-Torte. It is  a”torte” because it is bigger than a cake. And … read more …