Jul 282016
Austrian Rum Balls Rumkugeln in German

  These Austrian Rumballs or in German “Rumkugeln” are almost mandatory for Christmas but, in our opinion, they taste awesome throughout the year. The rum balls are made after a traditional Austrian recipe from the good old times, when the emperor Franz Josef used to reign.  You don’t have to bake them, just make them … read more …

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Dec 172015
Dominosteine or Domino Cubes

Dominosteine or Domino Cubes are traditional German Christmas cookies and are not the easiest cookies to make. You need to have baking experience for this recipe. They consist of a Lebkuchen dough and have layers of marzipan and jam in between. At the end of the recipe you will find a link to a German … read more …

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Dec 022015
Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies are easy to make and a very popular and classic German cookie recipe for Christmas and the holidays. Surprise your friends and family with this German Christmas cookie. Happy Baking! Ingredients (makes 60 cookies) Almond Cookies zest of 1 organic lemon 200 g butter 100 g sugar 300 g flour 1 egg, medium … read more …

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Nov 252015
Florentine Cookies

Florentine Cookies or “Florentiner” in German is a classic German cookie which has its origin probably in France from the 17th century. But it is said that it was brought to France by Katharina di Medici who was from the Tuscany of Italy. The classic cookie recipe is not using flour or eggs but almond … read more …

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Nov 242015
Orange Liqueur Cookies

Orange Liqueur cookies for Christmas or any other occasion – a German cookie specialty as you can find only in Germany. With this German recipe you can make them wherever you are in your kitchen. Happy Baking! Ingredients (makes 40 cookies) Orange Liqueur Cookies 150 g sugar 1 pack. vanilla sugar 1 pinch salt 200 … read more …

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Nov 232015
Filled Butter Cookies

The filled butter cookies are very easy to make and this is a great recipe for baking beginners. It is an original German recipe. Just in time for Christmas. Germany has mastered the Christmas cookie baking since hundreds of years and has the most recipes of this world. Happy Baking! Ingredients (makes 15 cookies) 130 … read more …

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Nov 232015
Filled Honey Ring Cookies

The filled honey ring cookies are a wonderful addition for the Christmas cookie platter. This is an original German recipe. You can find all ingredients in US super markets and the vanilla sugar is easy to make at home – Go to the recipe How to make Vanilla Sugar – Happy Baking! Ingredients (makes 50-60 … read more …

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Nov 192015
Walnut Rings Christmas Cookies

Walnut rings Christmas cookies are easy to make and as you can see on the photo they are combined with another German Christmas cookie: Filled Honey Ring Cookies – Find the recipe for the Filled Honey Ring Cookies here – They are a nice addition for your Christmas Cookie Platter. Do you know that you … read more …

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Nov 052015
Marzipan Coconut Macaroons

Marzipan chocolate macaroons are delicious German Christmas cookies. Important is to use unsweetened coconut and unsweetened raw marzipan like the one from the German city Luebeck which is famous for their marzipan products (Luebecker Marzipan). Happy Baking! Ingredients 170 g grated coconut (unsweetened) 5 egg white 200 g powdered sugar 400 g raw marzipan lemon … read more …

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