Nov 232016
German Christmas Cookies Adventsschnitten

The season for German Christmas Cookies starts in the “Adventszeit”, the 4 weeks before Christmas. The recipe “Adventsschnitten” or advent cookies starts the Christmas season. The cookies are spiced with cinnamon and cloves, and they go nicely with a cup of Gluehwein (mulled wine) or spiced apple cider. Happy Baking! Ingredients German Christmas Cookies Adventsschnitten … read more …

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Nov 232016
Christmas Cocoa Cookies - Authentic German Recipe

Christmas Cocoa Cookies are German Christmas cookies and are very easy to make. Germany is famous for its Christmas cookies. It is a German tradition to bake before Christmas and serve the cookies on December 24 which is in Germany the “Heilig Abend”. That’s the evening when the “Christkind” brings the gifts for everybody. Happy … read more …

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Nov 222016
Christmas Cookie Alpenbrot - A German Lebkuchen

The Christmas cookie Alpenbrot or Magenbrot is a small Lebkuchen (gingerbread) that is probably the easiest Lebkuchen to make. It does not need special ingredients. You can buy the Alpenbrot throughout Germany and if you would translate it it means literally “bread of the alps”. We could not find any information for this name. Happy … read more …

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Nov 212016
German Christmas Chocolate Cubes

Ingredients German Christmas Chocolate Cubes 250 g soft butter 3 eggs 250 g powdered sugar 125 g almonds ground 1 tbsp of each: cardamom, Piment (Allspice), ground ginger 50 Cocoa powder 50 g flour 3 packages dark cake frosting (each 100g) 220 semi sweet baking chocolate (eg Ghiradelli) 50 g white baking chocolate Baking Instructions … read more …

Nov 182016
German Linzer Cookies for Christmas & Holidays

Ingredients German Linzer Cookies makes about 40 cookies 200 g butter 1 egg 75 g sugar 300 g flour 80 g ground almonds 0.3 oz (1 Pkt.) Vanilla Sugar – How to make Vanilla Sugar – 1 dash salt 1 tsp heaped cocoa, unsweetened 1 tsp ginger bread spice (see below) 50 g semi sweet … read more …

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Nov 182016
German Cinnamon Cookies for Holidays & Christmas

German cinnamon cookies are great cookies for the holidays and Christmas. Germany is the country of Christmas traditions, and baking before Christmas is very popular. Of course you can get all these nice Christmas cookies in the bakeries, still it is fun to bake your own Christmas cookies. The cinnamon cookies should be kept in … read more …

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Nov 182016
German Spritzgebaeck Cookies  for Christmas & Holidays

The German Spritzgebaeck cookies are traditional Christmas cookies in Germany. You don’t need special ingredients so  this recipe is ideal for the last minute Christmas baking.  Happy Baking! Ingredients German Spritzgebaeck Cookies (about 65 pieces) 200 g powdered sugar 400 g soft butter 4 tbsp milk 2 eggs, medium size 2 packages vanilla sugar 0.6 … read more …

Nov 162016
German Christmas Cookies: Walnut Cookies

  In Germany we use walnuts for many baking recipes. The German Christmas Cookies Walnut Cookies are easy to make. This is the season for walnuts now and you can get them in almost every super market. Tip: If you cannot get ground walnuts use a coffee grinder to grind them. Happy Baking! Ingredients German … read more …