Apr 072016
Potato Dumplings Spessart Style

The potato dumplings Spessart style come as the name states from the region Spessart in Germany. The Spessart is a medium mountain range (Mittelgebirge) in the German states Bavaria and Hessen. The mountains Vogelsberg, Rhön and Odenwald are at the border. The highest Spessart mountain is the Geiersberg with 586 meter.  Interestingly it was the … read more …

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Aug 132015
Authentic German Potato Plum Dumpling

Are you looking for an authentic German recipe? The Authentic German potato plum dumpling recipe is a traditional dish of Germany. This recipe requires potatoes to make the dumplings. There is another recipe on mybestgermanrecipes.com which is requiring quark as main ingredient. The best plums to make the dumplings are the Italian plums. IN Germany … read more …

Mar 112014
Bohemian Yeast Dumplings

Bohemian Yeast Dumplings or Boehmische Hefeknoedel in German is a side dish that goes very well with any meat and a gravy, like Goulash.  The classic traditional recipe from Bohemia is using flour, eggs, salt and milk. You would form the dumplings like mioni loafs and then cut them but never use a knife. In … read more …

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Aug 062013
Potato Dumplings Half and Half

Potato dumplings half and half are called that way because you use raw and cooked potatoes to make them. We call them Kartoffelknoedel halb und halb. In Germany potato dumplings are used as a side dish for meat dishes with gravy such as Goulash, pot roast, Rouladen and pork roast. If you ever wanted to … read more …

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May 142013
Franconian Potato Dumplings

Franconian Potato Dumplings or Fraenkische Kartoffelknoedel in German is a regional German recipe that it been used in the restaurant Jagstmuehle in Germany – Go to the website –  To make Potato dumplings you need some time, it is not a fast food recipe. Important in this recipe is that you use raw and boiled … read more …

Aug 222012
German Prune Dumplings

German Prune Dumplings is a Sweet dish called “Zwetschgenknoedel” in German and my grandmother used to make them. They were delicious! You need to eat them warm, with melted butter and sprinkle a cinnamon-sugar mix on top. As far as I know prune dumplings are actually from Austria (the Austrian recipe contains potatoes; I will post this one … read more …

Aug 152012
Potato Dumplings from the Pfalz

Potato dumplings from the Pfalz – The Palatinate in German is called “Pfalz” and comes from Latin Palātium, palace; and in the  region itself they call it in their dialect: Palz.  There is another word for it in German that is Rheinpfalz, as it is a region in South-Western Germany and connects to the river … read more …

Jul 242012
Old Fashioned Bavarian Apple Dumplings

  Enjoy this old fashioned recipe for Bavarian apple dumplings. This German-Bavarian dish is served with vanilla sauce or a mix of cinnamon and sugar. The dumplings are made out of a yeast dough and apples.  just right for an Oktoberfest or just to wake up the German memories about real good food. Happy Baking! … read more …

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