Sep 192011

apple cake with streusel

German Apple Streusel cake or Apple Crumble Cakes are awesome. In German we call crumbles  "Streusel", it is a great topping for any fruit cake. The most traditional cake might be the apple cake with Streusel. This recipe is using marzipan as well. Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Apple Streusel Cake
250 g soft butter
200 g sugar
5 eggs
300 g flour
100 g potato or corn starch
3 tbsp baking powder
2 packets vanilla sugar or the core of 1 vanilla bean
4 tbsp milk
1 kg apples


100 g marzipan (optional)
300 g flour
100 g sugar
1 egg yolk
150 g cold butter
butter for the baking tray
powdered sugar, lemon juice

 Baking Instructions German Apple Streusel Cake

- whisk butter until foamy; while whisking add vanilla sugar or vanilla bean.
- add one egg after the other and whisk until creamy.
- add flour, starch and baking powder with milk (alternating).
- spread dough on a greased baking tray.
- peel apples and cut them in small slices; sprinkle them with lemon juice so they won't get brown.

You might need less or some more apples depending on how you place them on the dough.

How to make the Crumbles or Streusel:

- Cut marzipan in little cubes.
- Add flour, sugar, cinnamon and egg yolk into a bowl.
- Add butter in little flakes on top and with your hands create small crumbles.
- Mix marzipan cubes to the crumbles and spread them over the apples.
- Pre-heat oven and bake the cake for about 35 minutes for 200 C or 390 F.
Let it cool off; serve it with powdered sugar on top and whipped cream.

If you like add to the dough a package vanilla pudding
Use about 35 g less flour. The dough will become a nice light yellow color.

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