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German chicken soup  is popular all over the world and especially in Germany we love to eat all kinds of soups, especially broths. The typical German menu normally starts always with a soup;  soups are tradition for the Sunday lunches. Either it is a chicken or beef broth with special inlays, such as Leberknoedel (liver dumplings) or semolina Nockerl, or just plain thin soup noodles. There is no substitute for a good German soup home made soup; I have tried them all, and have not found one which tastes like home made. The German brands Knorr or Maggi are making quite good soups which you can buy in a package, and they are very practical if you don't have much time. But you must know a homemade soup doesn't really take that long to make it. You will cut the ingredients in small pieces, and throw them all in one pot. Just let it cook. I would say it would take 15 minutes - maybe 20 to prepare the broth. That’s all.
I normally cook a bigger amount of broth which is lasting for the next 2 or more days, depending on how many hungry mouths I have to feed. You can freeze it or just keep it in the fridge for some days. Use the frozen broth when you are in a hurry; just defrost the broth, add some pasta or vegetable and that's it. Happy Cooking!

german chicken soup

German Chicken Soup Ingredients
• 2 liter filtered or spring water
• 3-5 chicken legs or wings, chicken breast (less fat) or 1 smaller chicken fresh or frozen
• 1 medium size onion
• 2-3 cloves that you poke into the onion
• 1 celery stalk, 1/2 celery root, 1 leek
• 2-3 carrots medium size
• salt, pepper, nutmeg, 1-2 bay leaves
parsley, fresh and chopped

For the soup: Use German Soup Noodles (Vermicelli); this is a special thin pasta which can be added to a broth or soup.
Old Fashioned Egg Noodles - Extra Thin, 340g - Helens
german chicken soup

German Chicken Soup Cooking Instructions
- Wash the chicken meat; dry it with a paper towel.
- Put the chicken in a pot and cover it with cold water.
- Peel celery root, cut in cubes, cut stalk in 2-3 pieces, add with bay leaves to the water.
- Cut carrots in half, peel onion, cut it in 2 pieces and stick the cloves into the onions, add it to the broth.
- Boil it for about 1 hour on low heat, and keep it covered with a lid but not completely; you can also do a test: if the meat is done, the broth is done too.
Using a whole chicken is extending the cooking time up to 2 hours. When the chicken meat is done, drain the broth, place chicken meat on a plate or board and remove the meat.
- Cut carrots into small pieces and add them to the broth with the chicken meat pieces.
- In an extra pot bring water to a boil, add soup noodles (very thin noodles) and cook them until done, filter them and mix them into the broth.
- Add salt, pepper and some nutmeg to taste and before serving add fresh chopped parsley.

• Don't add any other ingredients as mentioned.
• Never use tap water, it might contain too much chlorine and other substances.
• Instead of noodles you can enjoy the broth with tortellini, or add more vegetable,you will have an excellent vegetable soup.
• The broth should look clear and not milky.
• You can add all the ingredients to the meat before the broth comes to a boil; I prefer it this way.

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