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The German Fasnacht recipes Krapfen is a traditional German dish for the Fasnacht or Fasching time. It is like the Berliner or Mutzen also baked in grease. To make such dishes for Fasnacht has an old tradition. After Fasnacht there is the time were people used to stay away from rich food like cakes and meat until Easter. Fasnacht is therefor the time where people were allowed to drink and eat  what they can and baked in grease dishes became popular. This recipe is using raisins. Yes, you can use raisins but you don't have to. Happy Cooking!

german fasnacht krapfen

Ingredients German Fasnacht Recipe Krapfen
0,25 l water
50 g butter
1 pinch salt
150 g flour
5 eggs (room temperature)
150 g seedless raisins (optional)
Fat for deep frying - half coconut oil (neutral) or palmin, half schmalz
powdered sugar

Cooking Instructions German Fasnacht Krapfen

- Bring water, butter and salt in a pan to  a boil. Take off the oven.
- Add all flour at one time, stir until smooth and bring again to a boil; stir until you get a lump and you can see on the bottom of the pan a white skin.
- Take off the oven and add one egg; stir fast so the egg white won't coagulate. Use a towel and place it over the pan so the dough won't splatter all over the place.
Let dough cool off for 5 minutes, then add one egg after the other ad mix continuously.
- Finally add raisins.
- Heat grease in the deep fryer on 175 C or 350 F, you don't need the basket.
- Add one tbsp of the dough into the hot grease, a second spoon can help that the dough will falls smoothly into the grease.
- Bake them for about 10 minutes until they are golden brown. Let them drain and turn them in sugar or dust them with powdered sugar.

fasnacht recipe krapfen 1910


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