Mar 102014
Kölner Krüstchen and Toast Hubertus

Kölner Krüstchen is a specialty from Cologne and it is pork schnitzel on a slice of bread with a fried egg on top. These kind of toasts are very popular in the pubs of Cologne, the Kneipen. Kölner Krüstchen is a great snack that can be made fast, you just have to make the schnitzel: … read more …

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Mar 052014
Herring Salad with Potatoes

Herring salad with potatoes is for the day after Fasnacht, it is a typical Ash Wednesday dish in Germany. Matjes fillets are a Northern German food specialty. If you can get the German Bismarck Herring, that’s the best. The matjes herring fillets are also good. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Herring Salad with Potatoes 2-3 Matjes herring … read more …

Jan 172014
Southern German Apple Cake

The Southern German Apple Cake is a specialty from the South of Germany and is different than other apple cakes I had made so far. This German apple cake is awesome for any Kaffee and Kuchen table, for the holidays, for birthdays and festive occasions. The apples are covered in a creamy dough and will … read more …

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Dec 062013
German Coconut Macaroons

German Coconut Macaroons are very popular German Christmas Cookies that everyone can bake. You can buy them in every German supermarket and bakery. The recipe below is an universal recipe which can be altered to make hazelnut or almond macaroons. Just make sure that the egg white is very firm. My husband said these are … read more …

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Oct 312013
St. Martin Bread with Quark

St Martin bread with quark is the alternative to the regular ones with yeast. In some part of Germany we call them “Weckmänner” what would mean in English “bun men”. You can make the St. Martin’s bread as Weckmänner or as buns only. You can make them for the Nikolaus Day (Dec 6) or at … read more …

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Oct 042013
Kassler Ribs with Sauerkraut

Kassler Ribs with Sauekraut is a German specialty they are called in German “Rippchen” – Kassler is smoked pork from the loin and it comes in slices with or without the bone. Of course you can find Kassler in the USA like at the German origin butcher’s Schaller & Weber, New York. Let’s talk a … read more …

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Jul 102013
Filled Pepper with Meat

Filled pepper with meat is called Gefuellte Paprika in German, and it is a great dish for dinner. It is easy to make and can be varied. If you don’t eat meat just fill it with a rice-vegetable mix, or if you like, fill it with minced meat only. Lately I am using Bison meat … read more …