Nov 252015
German Egg Liqueur

  German Egg liqueur or “Eierlikoer” in German is a traditional German liqueur and you can buy it from Verpoorten, the most popular Dutch brand for egg liqueur. In the former DDR (East-German Republic) it was a popular drink; I found a recipe from that region. You can enjoy it pure in small liqueur glasses … read more …

Nov 232015
Schaeufele - Southern Meat Specialty

Schäufele – Southern Meat Specialty – In Germany the evening of Dec 24 is the special day when gifts are exchanged and it is also the evening for special food specialties depending on the German region. In the South near the Black Forest and between Lake Constance and Stuttgart the dinner on the 24th can … read more …

Jun 202015
Super Easy German Fruit Cake

Here is a super easy German fruit cake that can be made within minutes. We call it in German a Tortenboden or belegter Obstkuchen. You don’t have to be a master baker – it is really that easy. I found this recipe and thought I have to try this one because I was not into … read more …

May 282015
Homemade Mayonnaise

Homemade mayonnaise is very easy to make. This mayonnaise is complete natural and so much healthier than the one from the shelf. No additives, no preservatives and high fructose syrup! Actually it is so easy to make that I asked myself: Why did I buy mayonnaise all the times? It gets really easy with a … read more …

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May 282015
Kaiserschmarrn with Aparagus

Kaiserschmarrn with asparagus is a popular asparagus dish and tasted really good with prosciutto or the famous black forest ham (smoked, raw ham). Kaiserschmarrn or in the Swabian region “Kratzede” is basically a pancake dough which will be torn apart with a fork before serving. If you can get white asparagus than this is the … read more …

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Apr 172015
German Gluten Free Almond Cake

  German gluten free almond cake or “Torte” is a German baking specialty for a nice traditional Kaffee and Kuchen afternoon. Torte is not exactly a cake as it is mostly made using a butter cream. If you cannot eat products with flour this cake is a wonderful alternative. Easy to make without needing special … read more …

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