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german rolls

There is no doubt - German Rolls or Brotchen (Brötchen or Semmeln in German) are the best. Here is a German recipe for German rolls. This is the best recipe that you can find online. It is original and authentic and your German rolls will be like the ones from Germany. There is no German breakfast without rolls. They have a light brown crust and are soft inside. When you cut them in half you make a mess - these are the right German rolls. You can put different seeds on top: sesame seeds, poppy seed or sunflower seeds. Enjoy this recipe for German rolls and Happy Baking!

INFORMATION about flour and yeast - check this out:
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Ingredients German Rolls

500 g wheat flour, type 550
1 package dry yeast - or 30 g fresh yeast (cube)
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
250 ml warm water; some milk or water for spreading

Baking Instructions German Rolls

- Add flour into a baking bowl and in the middle make a mold; crumble the (fresh) yeast, add sugar and some warm water and mix it with some flour to a first dough. Let it rise for 40-60 minutes.
- Then add salt and mix it with a cooking spoon really good until the dough comes off the edges of the bowl.
- Form the dough to a ball and let it rise another 30-40 minutes. Turn it to a roll and cut small sizes, each should weigh 50 g.
- Form little buns and let them rise on a baking board (add some flour to the surface).
- Place them on a greased baking tray (or use parchment paper) and cut them vertical and horizontal (like a cross), brush warm milk on top.
- Bake the buns in the preheated oven for 15-20 minutes on 210-225 degrees.

You can be really creative! Make a sun out of 7 little dough balls or create a flat bread.
Put some flour on your hands when forming the dough, it's easier.
Add different seeds on the top after milk had been brushed on (sesame, poppy seeds or grated cheese).


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 3 Responses to “German Rolls Brotchen”

  1. Ich bin kein Deutscher aber Ich habbe zeit in Deutschland und Austerich verpast.

    Is your background German? ____

    I’m looking for a recipe for basic Schrippen, Semmel, Broetchen that are available everywhere in Germany. I’ve not been able to recreate a true Semmel. Perhaps All Purpose Flour is too far from Type 550?_____

    I’ve never read of a Broetchen recipe that calls for sugar, and NO rising.

    Thanks for any additional Info. you can provide.

    Guten Appetite.



  2. what would be equal to 550 flour< could you use breadflour?

  3. it is equal to all purpose flour.

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