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The green bean salad is a German salad that is super easy to make. If you buy green beans choose small ones, they must be fresh. I always buy them on the local Farmer's Markets. The green bean salad is ideal for a BBQ and can be served together with other salad such as carrots, lettuce or potato salads. Happy Cooking!

green bean salad

Ingredients Green Bean Salad

1kg green beans
1 medium size onion
salt, pepper, nutmeg
3 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp white wine or red wine vinegar
pinch of red paprika powder, mild

Cooking Instructions Green bean Salad
- wash and clean green beans, cut off ends.
- boil them "al dente" in salty water, drain, let cool off.
- peel onion, cut in half and cut very thin slices.
- mix all ingredients for the dressing in a jar, close jar and shake well.
- when beans are cooled off, add onions, mix thoroughly with dressing.

This salad tastes the best if you serve it after 30 minutes.

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