Feb 012013
Arme Ritter Original Recipe

Arme Ritter in German (French Toast in English) is a traditional dish that can be traced back to the Romans. The antique cooking book De re coquinaria you can find this recipe: „Zerbrich abgeriebene Siligenen (= Winterweizengebäcke), mache größere Häppchen, tauche sie in Milch, röste sie in Öl, übergieße sie mit Honig und serviere sie.“ The … read more …

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Nov 142010
German Waffles

  German Waffles are awesome for breakfast, brunch or for coffee and cake in the afternoon, or the “Kaffeeklatsch” (that means the usual gossip while sipping a cup of coffee with a piece of cake). In Germany you can get them on every fair, and we eat them with powdered sugar, jam, fruit or Nutella. … read more …