Jun 262016
Fruit Cake with Tiffin Liqueur

The Fruit cake with Tiffin liqueur is a special creation using the black tea liqueur Tiffin. Below the fruit is a pudding-Tiffin layer which adds a creamy note to the cake. Tiffin liquor itself has  a note of bergamot, rose petal, all spice and fresh herbs, with flavors of dark fruit and black pepper. Tiffin … read more …

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Jun 252016
German Walnut Cake

  The German Walnut Cake is a cake for any occasion and is also called Gugelhupf which is Bundt cake in English. It can be for the holidays, birthdays or for the coffee and cake Sunday afternoon. Try this German Walnut Cake with a lemon glaze which is easy to make.It is very easy to make. … read more …

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Jun 252016
German Creamy Chocolate Cake

The German creamy chocolate cake is actually more than a German cake. It is a “Torte” which means it has more than one layer. This creamy chocolate cake is filled with  an irresistible chocolate cream. In Germany we use a special corn starch for baking named Mondamin. It is pure potato starch that is gluten … read more …

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Jun 232016
Raspberry Chocolate Roll

Cake rolls or Rouladen are very popular in Germany and quite special as you cannot get them in the USA at all unless you find a European bakery. Learn today how to make the raspberry chocolate roll. You don’t need any special baking utensils for this German cake recipe. If you follow exactly the instructions … read more …

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