Sep 162013
Easy Apple Cake

Easy apple cake for busy bakers! If you have not enough time but still want to enjoy a home made cake, this German recipe is for you. Just mix all ingredients, place apples on top, bake it, ready – Serve it with whipped cream. Another delicious German Kaffee und Kuchen Cake. Happy Baking! Ingredients Easy … read more …

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Jul 032013
Strawberry Zebra Cake Recipe

The Strawberry Zebra Cake recipe is from Germany and it is an awesome summer fruit cake that you will love for sure. It is easy to make and even for baking beginners. It is called “Zebra” Cake because of the dark and light biscuit. If you like you can decorate the top of the cake … read more …

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Jun 242013
German Rhubarb Streusel Cake

The German Streusel Rhubarb Cake is a great “Kaffee and Kuchen” cake that you will love. Rhubarb is used in the German cuisine for compote, desserts and cakes. Originally rhubarb comes from the Himalaya region and entered during the 16th century Russia then later on other parts of Europe. Rhubarb stays fresh in the fridge, … read more …

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Jun 202013
German Apricot Cake

The German Apricot Cake is a so called “Blechkuchen” – that means it is a cake baked on a tray instead in a form. These cakes are very popular in Germany and this recipe is very easy and can be even done by baking beginners. You can use peaches, apricots or raspberries; even blueberries or … read more …

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