Jan 302016
Orange Cake

Ingredients Orange Cake 4 eggs 250 g sugar 200 ml sunflower oil 200 ml orange juice (unsweetened) zest of 2 oranges (organic) 300 g flour 1 package baking powder (o.7oz) Glaze: 100 g powdered sugar orange juice Baking Instructions – grease a form such as pound cake form, Gugelhupf form or the wreath form, keep … read more …

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Jan 262016
Raspberry Chocolate Cake

The raspberry chocolate cake is super easy to make and is a great cake for baking beginners. You can use different fruit such as blueberries or apricots. Of course fresh fruit would be the best but it works very well with frozen fruit too. This is an authentic proven German recipe. Happy Baking! Ingredients Raspberry … read more …

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Dec 112015
Easy Donauwellen Cake

This easy Donauwellen cake is just irresistible. Donauwellen Cake is a classic German cake as you can find in many German bakeries. Donau is the “Danube”, a German river that starts near the Black Forest and runs to the Black Sea. The sour cherries, the light and brown dough make some wavy pattern hence the … read more …

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Oct 142015
Cherry Bundt Cake

The Cherry Bundt Cake is a classic German cake recipe.This cake is also called “Rodonkuchen”, especially in the Northwest of Germany. Some call it ring cake. You can use a variety of cherries for this German cake. If you like to add a glaze mix powdered sugar with Kirsch Schnaps and spread it over the … read more …

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