Mar 102014
Kölner Krüstchen and Toast Hubertus

Kölner Krüstchen is a specialty from Cologne and it is pork schnitzel on a slice of bread with a fried egg on top. These kind of toasts are very popular in the pubs of Cologne, the Kneipen. Kölner Krüstchen is a great snack that can be made fast, you just have to make the schnitzel: … read more …

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Mar 012011
German Carnival Recipes Mutzen

It was 1314 in Cologne. The first fools or in German “jecken” celebrated a parade through the city. How? We don’t know exactly the details, just the date. 200 years later a noble man named Weinsberg wrote about the carnival. He describes that there were no differences between the people, everyone was equal. And this is … read more …