Jan 022016
How to make Vanilla Pudding

How to make vanilla pudding – in Germany we use vanilla pudding a lot in the making of cakes and pastries or just for a dessert. Dr. Oetker produces a pudding powder that is convenient but they flavor it with artificial flavors. This recipe is the alternative to Dr. Oetker pudding which is not available … read more …

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Nov 132015
Holiday Dried Fruit Compote Dessert

The Holiday Dried Fruit Compote Dessert is a traditional German dish that is served during the winter season especially around Christmas. The compote is spiced with nice seasonal spices such as cinnamon, anise and cloves. Enjoy it with a spoonful of lightly sweetened whipped cream on top. Happy Cooking! Ingredients 700 g dry fruit (plums, … read more …

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Jan 282015
Sweet Plum Casserole

The Sweet plum casserole is a perfect German dessert as we love it in Germany. You can also make this German dish for a sweet supper. It is been said that a healthy nutrition would only allow a light sweet dish for dinner as such dishes are the best for digestion. It might be true. … read more …

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Nov 142014
German Holiday Dessert

The German Holiday Dessert is the perfect ending for a German Christmas dinner. You need Lebkuchen, sour cherries and quark. Lebkuchen can be made – find the recipe for Lebkuchen here – quark can be made – find the recipe How to make quark – and sour cherries you can find at Trader Joes, Aldi … read more …

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Jun 242014
Black-Red-Gold Fruit Skewers

The black-red-gold fruit skewers dessert is not only for German soccer fans. It can be a nice German patriotic dessert for a party or BBQ. These skewers are so easy to make. Just get the fruit, wash it and poke it on skewers. Ready! For the red color: Strawberries For the black color: black berries … read more …

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Dec 122013
Cherry Tartlets

Cherry Tartlets are an individual pastry case with a filling of fruit or other sweet or savory mixture. In Germany we fill them with all kinds of fruit such as strawberries, raspberries or blackberries. The filling also contains quark and if you cannot find it in your supermarket, you can make it easy at home … read more …

Dec 052013
Baked Apples filled with Marzipan

Baked apples with marzipan are awesome for a dessert after a good Christmas dinner like roasted goose. You can serve them with whipped cream, vanilla sauce or vanilla ice cream. In German we call the dessert Bratapfel.  You can buy the marzipan online and it should not contain any sugar. Happy Baking! Ingredients Baked Apples … read more …

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Apr 302013
Ruedesheim Fruit Pot

Ruedesheim Fruit pot or “Ruedesheimer Fruechtetopf” is an original recipe from the house Asbach in Germany. Ingredients Ruedesheim Fruit Pot Take a 3 to 4-litre stoneware, earthenware or china pot, or a jar.Choose either a variety of different fruits or just one kind. Depending on taste, use strawberries, gooseberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, damsons, mirabelles, … read more …