Sep 142016
German Cherry Dessert - Kirschmichel

Germany comes up with many sweet dishes that can be a dessert or will be enjoyed as a sweet main meal. One of these delicious recipes is the German Cherry Dessert or in German “Kirschmichel”. You can use fresh or canned cherries. It’s baked in the oven and can be compared a bit to the … read more …

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Sep 122016
Zwieback Apple Schlupfer - German Swabian Dessert

This popular German dessert fro m Swabia, the Zwieback Apple Schlupfer, is using Zwieback that is only made in Germany but you can get it on Amazon or in special German supermarkets. It is also using Schmand which is not available here. You can use sour cream instead. It is delicious! Happy Cooking! Ingredients Zwieback … read more …

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Aug 152016
Vanilla Cream Recipe - German Dessert

  Are you looking for a classic German dessert recipe that can be served at the end of a festive menu or dinner party? This vanilla cream recipe is a wonderful dessert. It will take about 45 minutes to make it and it can be varied to a mocha or chocolate cream. Just add chocolate … read more …

Jul 202016
German Apple Flan Dessert

  Today we show you how to make the German apple flan dessert. First of all let’s clarify what is a flan? A flan is a tart, a type of pie, with a base of shortcrust pastry. An example of a flan is a quiche. In both savory and sweet flans the filling tends to … read more …

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Jul 012016
Spaghetti Ice Cream

Spaghetti Ice cream is popular all over Germany and you can get it in every ice cream parlor (Eisdiele in German and Gelateria in Italian) in Germany. The first ice cream parlor was opened 1668 in Paris by the Sicilian Francesco Procopio de Coltelli who used to be the cook of Ludwig XIV in Paris. … read more …

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Jul 012016
Strawberry Mousse Dessert

The strawberry season has started and there are plenty German recipes with strawberries. One of these recipes is the strawberry mousse. Made out of fresh strawberries and combined with yogurt and heavy cream it is a delightful dessert. See if we are not exaggerating. Make it and let us know. Happy Cooking. Ingredients Strawberry Mousse … read more …

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Jun 282016
Chocolate Souffle Dessert

Chocolate souffle or soufflé (French: [su.fle]) is a light baked cake made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites combined with various other ingredients and served as a savory main dish or sweetened as a dessert. The word soufflé is the past participle of the French verb “souffler” which means “to blow up” or more … read more …

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Jun 232016
Espresso White Chocolate Dessert

This Espresso White Chocolate Dessert will convince you! It is a very extraordinary German dessert that comes with an espresso sauce which adds a special touch to it. The recipe is asking for couverture which is used a lot in the German cuisine. So we checked out for you what exactly couverture is. It is … read more …

Jun 202016
German Strawberry Ice Cream Dessert

Ingredients Strawberry Ice Cream Dessert 200 g  strawberries, sweet 1 tsp lemon juice 200 ml heavy cream, whipped 2 cl (or more) vermouth such as Martini (optional) 1-2 scoops vanilla ice cream (depends on the size of the cup) 1-2 scoops strawberry ice cream strawberries for decoration Cooking Instructions – wash and clean strawberries, cut … read more …

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