Oct 292014
Griessnockerl Soup

  The Griessnockerl Soup (or Griessnockerlsuppe in German)  is a German soup that is a perfect starter for a menu. In Germany soups are served before a menu and the Griessnockerlsuppe is a classic soup that you can find on many traditional German restaurant menus. Nockerl are semolina dumplings and the origin is Austria. The … read more …

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Aug 062013
Potato Dumplings Half and Half

Potato dumplings half and half are called that way because you use raw and cooked potatoes to make them. We call them Kartoffelknoedel halb und halb. In Germany potato dumplings are used as a side dish for meat dishes with gravy such as Goulash, pot roast, Rouladen and pork roast. If you ever wanted to … read more …

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May 142013
Franconian Potato Dumplings

Franconian Potato Dumplings or Fraenkische Kartoffelknoedel in German is a regional German recipe that it been used in the restaurant Jagstmuehle in Germany – Go to the website -  To make Potato dumplings you need some time, it is not a fast food recipe. Important in this recipe is that you use raw and boiled … read more …

Nov 152012
German Goulash Stew with Dumplings

The German Goulash Stew with Dumplings – in German “Gulasch” -  is an easy German recipe that you will love. The dumplings are not as big as usual because they will be in the stew. So make them smaller than the regular dumplings. Happy Cooking! Ingredients German Goulash Stew 750 g onions 2 garlic cloves … read more …

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Sep 132012
German Sauerbraten or Marinated Pot Roast

German Sauerbraten is a very popular dish in Germany and can be found in any good Gasthaus or restaurant. It is the dish for festive events and holidays. Sauerbraten is served with dumplings, Spaetzle or other pasta as it comes always with a gravy. In Germany you can buy at the local butcher the already … read more …

Sep 042012
Authentic Potato Prune Dumplings

This recipe requires potatoes, the other recipe that is on the blog has quark as a main ingredient. The best plums are the Italian ones, they are also called Prune plums. I got this recipe from a FB friend @ www.facebook.com/GermanCorner – thank you Katharina! Ingredients (for 25-28 dumplings) about 2 pounds of cooked mashed … read more …