Mar 052014
Herring Salad with Potatoes

Herring salad with potatoes is for the day after Fasnacht, it is a typical Ash Wednesday dish in Germany. Matjes fillets are a Northern German food specialty. If you can get the German Bismarck Herring, that’s the best. The matjes herring fillets are also good. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Herring Salad with Potatoes 2-3 Matjes herring … read more …

Feb 122013
German Fasnacht Recipe Ausgezogene

German Fasnacht Recipe Ausgezogene or “Knieküchle” (knee pastries) are a different form of Krapfen or pancakes; it is a traditional and local recipe of the German and Austrian cuisine. It is backed in grease like Berliner or Krapfen. The pastry is made out of  a yeast dough, you can add raisins; the dough is formed … read more …

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Feb 082013
German Fasnacht Recipe Krapfen

The German Fasnacht recipes Krapfen is a traditional German dish for the Fasnacht or Fasching time. It is like the Berliner or Mutzen also baked in grease. To make such dishes for Fasnacht has an old tradition. After Fasnacht there is the time were people used to stay away from rich food like cakes and … read more …

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Mar 012011
German Carnival Recipes Mutzen

It was 1314 in Cologne. The first fools or in German “jecken” celebrated a parade through the city. How? We don’t know exactly the details, just the date. 200 years later a noble man named Weinsberg wrote about the carnival. He describes that there were no differences between the people, everyone was equal. And this is … read more …

Feb 252011
German Carnival starting soon

German Carnival has many names: Karneval in the Rheinland; Fasching in Bavaria, Fasnet in Swabia and Fasnacht in the Black Forest. Karneval or Fasnacht has many faces; it’s been celebrated in very different ways. In Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf and Mainz there are huge parades with tons of candy for the people who are standing along … read more …

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Jan 222011
Berliner Donuts

Berliner Donuts is the most popular carnival pastry in Germany. As you probably know, Germany is the European center for carnival. Before spring “Karneval”,  ”Fasching” or “Fasnacht” will be celebrated in many regions of Germany. In Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz or Mainz  you can watch the biggest and most colorful parades, visit the most fun parties with singing and drinking from … read more …