Apr 222013
Ham Vegetable Casserole

Ham Vegetable Casserole or Gratin is a German recipe that can be easily changed into a vegetarian recipe. It is easy to make and healthy. Serve it with a meat dish or as the main course. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Ham Vegetable Casserole (serves 4) 1 fennel root (about 300g) 500 g broccoli 200 g mushrooms … read more …

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Apr 102013
Asparagus Gratin with Ham

  Asparagus gratin with ham is a light asparagus dish that can be an appetizer or a main dish served with boiled potatoes. You can use white or green asparagus for this German recipe. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Asparagus Gratin with Ham 1kg white or green asparagus 1/8l asparagus water – 1 package Hollandaise sauce (McCormick … read more …

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Aug 242012
Ham Rolls with Sauerkaut Filling

Awesome appetizer or finger food for a dinner party, TV evening or whenever you feel like. Tip: Sauerkraut is milder if you rinse it with slightly warm water before you use it. Place it in a sieve and rinse with the water, then let it drain. Ingredients (4 rolls) 2 red onions 1/2 bunch parsley … read more …

May 312011
Spicy Shrimps with Ham

There are moments in life where you don’t have time for a four course menu. For example after work. Here is a recipe which is the alternative to fast food restaurants. You can make it in 20-25 minutes; it has less calories, and is very easy to make. Ingredients Spicy Shrimp with Ham (serves 4) … read more …

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