Mar 052014
Herring Salad with Potatoes

Herring salad with potatoes is for the day after Fasnacht, it is a typical Ash Wednesday dish in Germany. Matjes fillets are a Northern German food specialty. If you can get the German Bismarck Herring, that’s the best. The matjes herring fillets are also good. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Herring Salad with Potatoes 2-3 Matjes herring … read more …

Aug 152013
Pickled Celery Salad

Pickled celery salad is very popular in Germany and you can buy it in every supermarket. My favorite pickled celery salad is from Hengstenberg (see below) The pickled celery salad is not that difficult to make. I found a very easy recipe. Some other recipes are using the pickled cucumber liquid as well. I think … read more …

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Jun 062013
German Green Bean Potato Salad

German Green Bean potato salad is like the salad from yesterday, the white bean salad, a great salad for the barbeque. You can make this salad without potatoes or add red radishes for a change. Happy Cooking! Ingredients (serves 3-4) German Green Bean Potato Salad 500 g green beans 2-3 smaller potatoes 1 small onion … read more …

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Dec 292012
German Fleischsalat

German Fleischsalat is made out of fried or boiled meat, Lyoner Sausage (Bologna) or Leberkaese, cut in stripes with a lot of mayonnaise and pickles.  The one you can buy already made often contains preservatives, so the home made version would be much better. Per German regulations the Fleischsalat must contain 25% meat and 25% … read more …

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