Jul 262016
German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork

German Geschnetzeltes Sliced Pork or ” Geschnetzeltes” in German which means small cut meat, is a very common German dish. It can be made in different meat qualities.  The meat is very lean and tender when cut from the filet. You can make it from the Schnitzel meat as well but it will contain a bit more … read more …

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Jul 202016
German Chicken Ragout Stew

Learn today what is a ragout and start with the German Chicken Ragout! Ragout is a term for a main-dish stew and has nothing to do with “Ragu” which is Italian and is a sauce such as Bolognese, served with spaghetti. For a ragout you can practically use all kinds of meat. As described in … read more …

Apr 102013
Asparagus Gratin with Ham

This German dish Asparagus gratin with ham is a light asparagus dish that can be an appetizer or a main dish served with boiled potatoes. Preferably used with white asparagus. You can use the green asparagus for this German recipe as well. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Asparagus Gratin 1kg white or green asparagus 1/8l asparagus water … read more …

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Sep 162012
Pot Roast Schaschlik

Pot Roast Schaschlik is a German recipe, and  a different version to make the popular dish Schaschlik. You can barbecue or pot roast it. The best about Pot Roast Schaschlik is the sauce. So if you ask me what is the best version, I would say it is the pot roast version. Pot Roast Schaschlik … read more …