Feb 272014
Spaetzle Tyrolian Style

Spaetzle Tyrolian style is a German specialty from Tyrolia or “Tirol” in German which is actually in Austria. Spaetzle are very popular throughout the South of Germany, Austria and also in the North of Switzerland where they call them “Knoepfli”.  You can make the Spaetzle from scratch or buy them ready made. To make them … read more …

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May 212010
German Spaetzle

German Spaetzle are not only popular in the South of Germany, Swabia, you might have heard about them too. But do you know how to make them?  Spaetzle are enjoyed a lot with meat dishes and gravy such as Rinderbraten or Gulasch, Rouladen or pork roast – Schweinebraten. German Spaetzle are my favorite side dish. … read more …

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