German Butter Cookies – Simple Holiday Cookie

This is a very simple basic recipe for German butter cookies. This cookie recipe are just great for a beginning baker. You will love them for Christmas, just keep them in a tin box and store them in a cool place. Happy Baking!

german butter cookies

Ingredients German Butter Cookie

300 g flour
1 egg
100 g sugar
1 pk vanilla sugar, Dr. Oetker, 0.3 oz – How to make Vanilla Sugar –
some lemon zest or natural lemon flavor
1 dash salt
200 g soft butter
1 tsp baking powder, Dr Oetker

Baking Instructions German Butter Cookies

– Beat butter, sugar and vanilla sugar until foamy.
– Mix flour with salt and baking powder, sieve half of it to the dough, mix well by using a wooden spoon, add remaining flour mix then knead the dough.
– Form dough to a roll and cut pieces of walnut size, form balls out of them.
– Place balls on a baking tray layered with parchment paper, and with a fork press each piece gently down (you can see the fork marks).
– Bake in pre-heated oven on 180 C or 350 F for about 18 minutes (lower level of oven). Convection oven less.

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