German Mocha Christmas Cookies

These German Mocha Christmas Cookies are just irresistible. These cookies are a combination of chocolate, coffee and a hint of mocha liqueur – so delicious. Surprise your family and friends with these exclusive German Mocha cookies for the holidays. Happy Baking!

german mocha christmas cookies

Ingredients German Mocha Christmas Cookies

(75 pieces)
4 egg white, 200 g sugar
1 1/2 tbsp instant espresso coffee
100 g dark semi-sweet baking chocolate
100 ml heavy cream
60 g butter
1 tbsp espresso instant
2 tbsp mocha liqueur eg Kahlua or Godiva – find it at Bevmo –
150 g dark chocolate frosting (or dark baking chocolate)  Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate, 8-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4)

Baking Instructions German Mocha Christmas Cookies

– Beat egg white until firm; add slowly sugar and continue beating until the egg white is firm so you can cut it with a knife. Mix in instant espresso.
– Layer 3 baking trays with baking paper; fill egg white in frosting bag and squirt sticks of 4cm or 2 inches length on the trays.
– Bake them in preheated oven  on 110 C or 230 F for 40 minutes. Don’t close oven door completely; place  a wooden spoon between oven and door so all moisture can get out. After baking time turn oven off and let the sticks dry for 5 hours in the oven.
– Chop baking chocolate and melt it in using double-boiler method.
– Heat cream and butter, add chocolate, espresso and liqueur, mix it an keep it cold for 3 hours.
– Move the sticks carefully from the baking sheets.
– Spread on each bottom side (the flat side) some chocolate cream and press another stick against it (for each cookie 2 sticks); you stick them together.
– Melt frosting in using double-boiler method, let it cool off a bit but not too much, should not be firm at all. Take the sticks, hold them in the middle and dip the ends into the frosting.
– Place them on a baking grid and let them get firm but don’t place them into the fridge. Keep them at a dry place.

(Source: Essen und Trinken 11/1996)

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