Authentic Clear German Oxtail Soup

german oxtail soup

The German Oxtail Soup is special and very popular in Germany; you can get oxtail at any German butcher’s. To buy ox tail in the USA might be different. The German oxtail soup can be a clear broth or thickened with flour. It is a soup that is perfect for a festive or holiday menu. In Germany this soup is actually very popular for a Christmas menu. We found an online shop where they sell oxtail – click here to find oxtail from a ranch If you know of a market that sells ox tail let us know. The brands  Knorr and Maggi used to have that soup in a package but right now it’s hard to find in the USA. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Oxtail Soup

1 kg ox tail pieces
3 onions
2 carrots, 1 leek, 1 half celery root, parsley root
2 garlic cloves
3 tbsp sunflower oil
2 tbsp tomato paste
300 ml dry white wine
2 bay leaves
1-2 twigs fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried
1/2 tsp pepper corns
salt, grated pepper, cayenne pepper to taste
1/8 liter medium sherry or dry port wine

Cooking Instructions German Oxtail Soup

Step 1
– Wash oxtail pieces under running cold water, dry them with kitchen paper.
– Peel onions and chop fine.
– Cut carrots, leek, celery and parsley root in rough pieces.
– Peel garlic and cut in half.

Step 2
– In a big and wide pan heat the oil.
– Brown the ox tail pieces on high heat.
– Add onions, brown them as well, then add vegetable, garlic and tomato paste.
– Mix and fry everything briefly.
– Then add about 2 liter of hot water, white wine, bay leaves, thyme and pepper corns.
– Cover the pan and let simmer for 2,5 hours.

Step 3
– Remove the oxtail pieces from the broth with a slotted spoon.
– Drain the broth through a sieve. Keep the carrots.
– Place broth in the same pot, set aside.

Step 4
– Remove the soft meat from the bones and cut in small pieces.
– If you like a fat free soup, remove the excess fat layer when soup has completely cooled off. That’s mainly the next day. The fat becomes firm and will be visible on the surface (optional).

Step 5
– Before serving re-heat broth again, spice with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and sherry or port wine to taste.
– Add meat pieces and carrot pieces to the soup, heat for some minutes, don’t bring to a boil.
– Cut chives in very small pieces.
– Serve the soup in bowls or plates.
– Place chives on top of the soup.

german delicatessen box

Some clear the soup after it is done. This is a special part of the recipe and can be done to get a very clear soup.

To clear the soup:
– Beat slightly the egg white, and mix it with chopped vegetable:
100 g of each – carrots, celery and leek – the ground beef and 1/4 liter water.
– Keep it in the fridge until you will need it.
– After you have drained the soup and it has cooled off completely you add the clearing mix. Bring to  a boil while mixing continuously, then let boil for 30 min at boiling point. You will see that the broth is clear.
– Drain it through a sieve by adding a cheese cloth into the sieve.
– Bring again to a boil before serving, and spice to taste.

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