Happy New Year 2014

Wishing you a wonderful New Years Eve and a happy and successful 2014!

If you have a party and you are looking for tasty finger food this post might be inspiring. Cheese and grapes and/or with figs is a great combination and is always good, it makes everyone happy.

cheese platter

Cheese Platter with assorted cheese, figs and grapes

Ingredients (serves 10)
1 kg blue and green grapes
200 g ripe cheese (eg. Emmenthaler, Swiss cheese, Gruyere)
200 g blue cheese (Gorgonzola, Roquefort)
200 g soft cheese (French Brie, Camembert, Port Salute, etc.)
5 figs
fresh bread such as baguette, French bread or Ciabatta or bread with nuts

– Wash grapes and dry them on a kitchen cloth
– use a wooden board and place cheese on it.
– wash figs and cut in quarters, place them in between the cheese and add grapes as well.
– provide a cheese knife.
– place bread on a separate wooden board or in a bread basket. Let your guest either cut the bread or cut it in slices shortly before the party starts and not earlier (it will dry out).
Serve with red wine.

Have a great New Years Eve!

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