New Years Eve Party Recipe Ideas: Lucky Piglets Pastry

New Years eve Party Recipe Ideas: Lucky Piglets Pastry for the “German Silvesterparty” – it’s a recipe for the New Years Eve celebration. New Years Eve is been celebrated in many countries and you can create a New Years Eve party with some unusual food such as the lucky piglets. The piglet is a symbol for luck, so why not making these little pastries that look like piglets?
They are made out of a quark-oil dough and would also make  a cute party favor. Happy Baking!

new years eve recipe ideas lucky piglets pastry

Ingredients New Years Eve Party Recipe Ideas: Lucky Piglets Pastry

makes about 33-36 pieces
400 g quark – Go to How to make Quark – or use half sour cream and half cream cheese
12 tbsp Milch
4 eggs
16 tbsp canola oil
200g sugar
800g flour
1 package baking powder, pref. Dr. Oetker – .5oz
some organic lemon peel

 Baking Instructions New Years Eve Party Recipe Ideas: Lucky Piglets Pastry

– Make the dough by combining quark, milk, eggs, oil, sugar and lemon peel in a bowl.
– Mix flour with baking powder, sieve and add to dough.
– Knead until you get a smooth dough – Important: proceed fast. Use kneading hooks or hands.
– Roll dough 0,5 cm and cut out 6cm (2,5 inches) wide circles for the head, and per piglet 2 circles for the ears and the snout (diameter 3cm or 1 inch).
– Layer a baking tray with baking paper; beat 2 additional eggs.
– Place big circles on tray and cover with the egg.
– Place the snout on the big circle, press it on the dough.
– Cut the second small circle in half and place them as ears on booth sides. Cover them with the egg as well. With a toothpick make 2 holes in the snout.
– Place 2 raisins for the eyes.

Optional: After the piglets are baked you can mix egg white with some powdered sugar, beat it until firm and with a decoration bag squeeze some on the roll to make the eyes. Add a spot of Nutella for the eyes.
– Bake in pre-heated oven for 20 minutes on 350 F until they are golden brown.


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