All about Baked Pastry Case

This article – All about baked pastry case –  refers to the German cake that is used for fruits and is called in German  “Tortenboden”. You can use all kinds of fruit to top it such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, peaches, pine apple, kiwi and more. Just take your favorite fruit and place it on top of the biscuit cake.

fruit cake with Tiffin liqueurall about baked pastry case

Usually the biscuit is made in a special form that has a diameter of 22 cm and is used for that base cake. Most of these forms are non-sticking.
The dough is a so called “Muerbeteig”. It is not liquid, all ingredients are kneaded by hand, then placed in the fridge for up to 1 hour and then rolled and placed into the form. The only brand that offers the German form is Zenker.

There are also recipes for a dough that is liquid (you would mix all ingredients together) but the classic form is the so called “Muerbeteig”. You also can make cookies out of it.


Clean the form with warm water and don’t use any scratching tools. The typical form has a certain patter on the bottom which helps to get the cake out of the form easily. If you want you can additionally grease the form and sprinkle it with breadcrumbs, ground nuts or flour before you fill it with the dough.
If you have a form without the wavy ends on top use a Ravioli cutter to cut off edges of the cake (see photo #4).


The last photo shows a typical German form which is available on Amazon from Zenker or Kaiser. It is called a flan form.

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