German Poppy Seed Pastry

german poppy seed pastry

The German Poppy seed pastry is a classic pastry that you can find in every German bakery. But unfortunately not in the USA, only special German influenced bakeries will make such a pastry.
The good news is, you can make the poppy seed pastries at home, it is not that difficult. The photo below shows a double pastry, just place two small ones together; they are not glazed. I personally like it better because the glaze is sticky and adds this extra sweet taste to it that I consider to much sweetness. If you should decide to make them, as usual Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Poppy Seed Pastry

500 g flour
1 package dry yeast
50 g corn starch
1 dash salt
300 ml milk
50 ml taste neutral oil
1 egg

Filling Made from Scratch
175 g poppy seeds (ground)
60 ml milk
25 g soft butter
75-100 g sugar
1 egg
1 package vanilla sugar, 0.3ozHow to Make Vanilla Sugar –

175 g powdered sugar
3 tbsp hot water

Baking Instructions

– Sieve flour and starch into a bowl, add yeast and a bit of salt and mix well.
– Add egg, milk and oil and knead until you get a smooth dough.
– Cover it with a kitchen cloth, and let raise until dough volume has doubled.

– Mix poppy seeds with milk, butter, egg and vanilla sugar until you get a thick cream, add sugar to taste (or 100g).
– Knead dough again, on a baking board that is dusted with flour roll it to a rectangle (30x40cm or 11×15 inches). Then spread poppy seed cream on top, all dough should be covered.
– Roll it carefully and press ends together.
– If you want bigger pastries roll it from the longer side; for smaller pastries roll it from the shorter side.
– Cut 2cm or 1 inch thick slices and place them on a baking tray that had been layered with parchment paper.

– Let raise for another 20-30 min.
– Pre-heat oven to 200 C or 375 F and bake pastries for 5-10 min.

– For the glaze mix powdered sugar with water and spread evenly on warm pastries.

The glaze is optional. They are tasting great without a glaze, and are less sweet.

Popular German poppy seed filling from Dr Oetker

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