German Creamy Cauliflower Soup

cauliflower soup

The German Creamy Cauliflower soup or “Blumenkohlsuppe”, as we call it in German, is  very easy to make. Cauliflower is such a healthy vegetable and is used for many dishes not only in Germany. The base of the cauliflower soup is a chicken broth…

German Spring Soup – Frühlingssuppe

german spring soup

Find out how to make this super yummy and easy to make German soup: German Spring Soup – Frühlingssuppe. You may know it as a packaged soup from Knorr or Maggi, but there’s a way to make it from scratch. You can vary this…

Creamy German Broccoli Soup – Authentic Recipe

creamy german broccoli soup

By using this recipe for the creamy German broccoli soup nothing can get wrong! It is a perfect soup recipe for cooking beginners and makes a great soup with fresh harvested broccoli from the garden or the farmers market. The history for broccoli goes…

Healthy Broccoli Potato Soup

broccoli potato soup

Today learn how to make the healthy Broccoli Potato Soup, it is an Authentic German recipe. You don’t need any special ingredients. This soup is made in 20 Minutes. It can be frozen or made for some days in advance. A healthy soup for…

German Beef Broth – Homemade Authentic

german beef broth

The German beef broth is the base for many other soups and recipes.  It is better than the broths in a package or can because it is all natural without any preservatives or additives. Try this broth one time, and you don’t want to…

Griessnockerl Soup – Semolina Dumplings

griessnockerl soup

The Griessnockerl Soup (or Griessnockerlsuppe in German) is a German soup that makes a perfect starter for a menu. In Germany soups are served before a menu and the Griessnockerlsuppe is a classic soup that you can find on many traditional German restaurant menus….

German Green Pea Soup Cologne Style

german green pea soup cologne style

The German Green Pea Soup Cologne Style is a special soup recipe from the Rhineland. They call it “Ähzezupp”, in high German it is “Erbsensuppe”. This soup is ideal for fall and winter and tastes great with sausages. In the Rhineland they use the…

German Lentil Soup – Authentic Recipe

german lentil soup

The German lentil soup is a classic among all German soups. We tried out several options: Using lentils from a can and dried ones. We came to the conclusion: Dried lentils are the best. You can reduce the cooking time when soaking them the…