German Flaedle Soup – Swabian Specialty Soup

flaedle soup

The German Flaedle soup is a special Swabian soup that you get in almost every Country Inn or “Gasthaus” of the South. Flädle are made out of pancakes. You would use pancake left overs to make this delicious German soup. In Germany you can…

German Liver Dumpling Soup – Bavarian Specialty

bavarian liver dumpling soup

The German liver dumpling soup is a Bavarian Specialty and is called in German “Leberknödelsuppe”. “Knödel” means dumpling and “Leber” means liver. If you travel to Bavaria one day, don’t forget to try this soup. It is served in almost every Bavarian Gasthaus (inn)….

German Goulash Soup – Authentic Recipe

german goulash soup

The German Goulash soup is a traditional soup especially served on New years Eve, the night where people everywhere are celebrating the last hours of the old year. In Germany this evening is called “Silvesterabend”, and everyone throws a party with firework and a…

Riesling Soup

german riesling soup

The Riesling Soup is an authentic German soup that becomes a festive holiday soup with a hint of cinnamon. If you can get a bottle of German Riesling this soup will be the perfect starter for your holiday menu. Happy Cooking! Ingredients Riesling Soup…

German Beef Broth – Homemade Authentic

german beef broth

The German beef broth is the base for many other soups and recipes.  It is better than the broths in a package or can because it is all natural without any preservatives or additives. Try this broth one time, and you don’t want to…

Ground Beef Cabbage Soup

German Ground Beef Cabbage Soup

This German ground beef cabbage soup is a delicious soup for all seasons but especially it makes a great soup for the colder months. It is super easy to make and so yummy!. The soup contains as main vegetable cabbage, and is combined with…

German Chicken Pasta Stew – Easy Recipe for Eintopf

German Chicken Pasta Stew

Nothing can get wrong with this recipe! The German Chicken Pasta Stew is easy to make and you don’t need any special ingredients. We call it an Eintopf in German. Try out this authentic German recipe and you will love it! Happy Cooking! Ingredients…

Authentic German Brussels Sprout Soup

german brussels sprout soup

The Authentic German Brussels Sprout Soup is  a great winter or fall soup; you will find this  seasonal vegetable now in every super market and farmers market. The green cabbage alike vegetable makes a very tasty soup. This soup can be the starter for…