German Apple Cake – Quick Version Recipe

german apple cake

If you don’t have much time but you like to enjoy a German cake for the Kaffee and Kuchen time, this German apple cake is quick to make. The relative high amount of apples makes it super moist. And always the best with whipped cream… Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Apple Cake

250 g flour
125 g sugar
1 package vanilla sugar
– How to Make Vanilla Sugar –
125 g butter
6 smaller apples (1kg)
1 dash salt
3 eggs
some milk as needed
1/2 package baking powder Dr Oetker – one is 0.5oz
mix of sugar and cinnamon

Baking Instructions German Apple Cake

– Pre-heat oven to 200C or 390 F.
– Grease a 10 inch  springform with some butter and sprinkle with flour.
– Combine the very soft butter with sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar, and salt and beat until it’s bubbly.
– If needed add some milk.
– Peel apples, remove the core and cut into thin slices or small pieces.
– Fold apples into the dough with a spatula. .
– Pour the dough in spring form, and smooth out the surface if needed.
– Bake for 50-55 min. After 45 min spread some butter and the cinnamon-sugar mix on top.
– If you should see that the cake gets brown place a layer parchment paper on top.

Serve with whipped cream!

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