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Let’s talk about German Mustard, a very important spice that is made from the seeds of white, brown or black mustard. Normally pure send seeds are used for the grinding process which brings about the mustard we all like so much. In Germany you can see many yellow blooming mustard fields during the early summer months..

It is not that difficult to make mustard from scratch. Not long ago we posted a recipe that shows how to make it. – Go to the Recipe – 

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Mustard is served with all kinds of sausages such as Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Frankfurter and all other sausages. It tastes very good with cold cuts, cold Frikadellen, Salami or Leberkäse.
In Germany mustard is used in making different dishes:
German Rouladen – Beef Rolls OR “Senfeier or Verlorene Eier” OR for the Düseldorf Style Mustard Soup.

Why is German Mustard so different from other Mustards?

Because it has
– No sugar added,
– No preservatives,
– No artificial coloration,
– and it is made out of simple and natural Non-GMO ingredients – that’s why it is so good.

Popular German Brands are:

  • Hengstenberg
  • Develey
  • Kühne
  • Löwensenf
  • Händlmeyer

The brand Hengstenberg might be the most popular mustard brand followed by “Löwensenf” from Düsseldorf. Almost all brands also have a “sweet” mustard which is used for the Bavarian Weisswurst (white Bratwurst).

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Different Varieties

  • Mild to medium – mittelscharf
  • Hot – Scharf
  • Extra Hot – Extra Scharf
  • Sweet for Weisswurst

Good Selection of German Mustard

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German Mustard