German Vanilla Quark Dessert with Fruit

german vanilla quark dessert

Learn how to make this dessert that is ideal for summer with fresh fruit: German Vanilla Quark Dessert with Fruit. There are quite a few fruit combinations, see under tips at the end of the recipe. Also find out how to make quark. A substitute would be Greek yoghurt or Fage 5%. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Vanilla Quark Dessert

1 package vanilla pudding Dr Oetker – Click here for the Original
500 ml milk
vanilla sugar to taste or vanilla extract
250 g quark – How to Make Quark –
500 g strawberries
sugar to taste
dr oetker vanilla sugar

Cooking Instructions German Vanilla Quark Dessert

– Make the pudding per instructions:
Mix powder with sugar, add milk into a pan with the powder, whisk well, bring to a boil, let cook for 1-2 min, if it has thickened pudding is done.
– Place the pan with pudding into a bowl that is filled with cold water, this will cool off the pudding. Mix well to prevent skin building on top.
– Prepare strawberries, cut big ones into halves and/or quarters
– Combine cooled off pudding with quark, add vanilla sugar/extract and if you like sugar to taste;
– Layer alternating strawberries and quark pudding into a bowl or single glasses.

Use maple or agave syrup as a sweetener.
Instead of strawberries use blueberries, sour cherries, raspberries or red/black currants.
Sweeten the dessert with jam.
Use frozen fruit if you don’t have fresh fruit available.


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