5 Best Bakeries in Vienna, Austria

Are you planning a trip to Vienna, the capital of Austria? If so you have to make sure to visit the local bakeries because you will not get anything comparable in America. The bakery products are outstanding and are based on traditional recipes and baking methods. Of course there is the famous Sacher Cake that you shouldn’t miss neither but this one is featured in this article – Visit the Sacher Torte Article – 

Bakery Ströck

They are baking bread for more than 50 years, founded by Johann Ströck who started it 1922 as a very small bakery. Nowadays they operate multiple locations throughout Vienna, and they are the biggest bakery company in Austria.
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Ideenbäckerei Geier

This bakery is been run by the family Geier, now in the 4th generation, since 1902. Their specialties include the “Fein Backwaren” –  “Krapfen” (Berliner)  and the “Topfengolatsche”, pastry or “plunder” filled with quark. Visit them when you do a trip to Vienna, there are multiple locations. Choose from the Kaffeehaus, open on Sundays or with a garden.
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Joseph Brot

This bakery offers healthy breakfasts and breads since 2009, founded by Joseph Weghaupt. The bakery has become famous for their vegan and organic (Bio) specialties. So if you are visiting Vienna check out this place for a wholesome breakfast (there are multiple locations). —>Visit their website<—
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Bäcker Joseph Schrott

A famous and traditional Bäckerei & Konditorei located in west Vienna, that was founded in 1885 and has now has at least 5 locations. Try their Nusskipferl… it’s made after a traditional family recipe. —>Visit their FB Page<—

Bäckerei Arthur Grimm

This historic neighborhood bakery is around since 1536. That’s more than 500 years. This is amazing! Their Salzstangerl are authentic and supposed to be the best ones in Vienna. —> Visit their website <—
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