May 232016
The Best German Marzipan Brownie Recipe

Have you ever looked for the best German Marzipan Brownie Recipe? Here it is. It’s an original German recipes that you will love using chocolate and marzipan. The best is to use raw marzipan but we found out that the so called German marzipan potatoes (Marzipankartoffeln) can be used too! Sometimes there are marzipan leftover … read more …

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Oct 182012
Aachener Printen Christmas Cookie

The German Christmas cookies Aachener Printen is a gingerbread that was created 1820 in the German city Aachen. So what is a “Printe”? It comes from english “print” and dutch “prent”. Back then they used a special carved wooden model that what used to print the cookies (see picture of the form). Original Aachener Printen … read more …

May 022012
Duck Egg Brownies

Do you know that you cannot only use chicken eggs but duck eggs for baking? I was lucky to talk to Katharina Davitt who lives on a farm in Oregon where she keeps Saxony ducks. Saxony ducks are very gentle and smart birds, and love to learn new things.  They are very quiet for ducks … read more …