Eggs in Mustard Sauce

eggs mustard sauce

Eggs in Mustard Sauce is a popular German dish, perfect for a meatless dinner. In Germany we call it “Senfeier”. Serve it with potatoes or rice and vegetables. Important for the sauce is to use butter, flour and milk, this is called in German “Mehlschwitze” which is the base for a white sauce. There are recipes that are using oil and a milk-water mix but this is not the original German version. You also can poach the eggs for this dish. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Mustard Eggs

4 eggs
1 tbsp flour
1/2 liter milk
30 g butter
5 tbsp medium mustard (pref. German mustard)
salt, pepper to taste

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Cooking Instructions

– Boil the eggs until they are hard-boiled (the eggs can also be semi hard boiled, but should be easy to peel. Keep them in cold water for 30 seconds so you can peel them easily).
– Make the sauce; this is the typical base for a white sauce and can be used for many other sauces:
– Melt the butter, add flour, stir continuously until you get a creamy consistence. The sauce should turn into a golden color.
– Add the milk bit by bit while stirring, reduce the heat, make sure the milk is not burning on the bottom of the pan. The sauce should come to a brisk boil and should be thickened by then. If not then you added too much liquid.
– Remove the pan from the heat, add mustard and spices.
– Peel eggs, cut them in halves and serve with the sauce.

The mustard eggs taste the best with rice or boiled potatoes. Some serve the mustard eggs dish with vegetable such as carrots, peas, broccoli or cauliflower.


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