German Filled Pancakes


German filled pancakes are a classic German dish that can be varied in many ways. This recipe is with a mushroom-onion filling. But you can use some ham or zucchini, ground meat or green and red pepper. If you like enjoy it without the filling and add some maple syrup, jam or a cinnamon-sugar mix. Happy Cooking!

german filled pancakes

Ingredients German Filled Pancakes

250 g flour
1 tbsp salt
2 eggs
400 ml milk
butter, oil for frying

Cooking Instructions German Filled Pancakes

– Sieve flour into a bowl, add salt, milk, eggs and mix well.
– Heat enough butter in a skillet and pour some batter into it, pancakes should be thin, so don’t use too much batter.
– Fry on each side.
– Take aside and keep covered in the warm oven.

Mushroom Onion Filling
– Heat butter in a skillet.
– Slice mushrooms, chop onions and parsley; add to skillet and saute for 5 minutes on medium heat.
– Spice with black pepper and salt to taste.
– Grate some cheese.
– Place one pan cake on a plate, add the mushrooms and some grated cheese. Roll and place for 1-2 min in hot pan, so the cheese will melt.

Serve right away.

german filled pancakes

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One Comment on “German Filled Pancakes

  1. These sound so wonderful! I am thinking that adding spinach in to saute with the onions and mushrooms would be amazing too! Or maybe some asparagus….. Now I am starving!