German Mustard Recipe

german mustard recipe
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Some weeks ago I was asked by a FaceBook fan for a German mustard recipe. I had not thought about of home made German mustard recipe,  so I looked around and I found an original German mustard recipe for normal to medium hot mustard. It is so easy and I think it is healthier too because if you cannot get original German mustard, the US brands are adding far too many chemicals and preservatives to the mustard. So here is a basic recipe that you can vary with other spices and herbs.
If you cannot get mustard flour use the seeds which you needed to be ground with a grinder. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients German Mustard Recipe

250 g yellow mustard flour (see below)
25 g salt or  5 tsp or to taste
100 g sugar or honey or 5 tbsp – or depending how sweet the mustard should be
150 g white wine vinegar 5 % or raspberry vinegar
200 ml water

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Cooking Instructions

– Mix mustard flour with salt and sugar.
– Bring water with vinegar to a boil, let it cool off until it is medium warm, then mix it with the mustard flour and spices.
– Add more or use less water if you want the mustard thicker or not.
– Fill into 2 containers out of glass or ceramic with very well closable lids, and let sit for 2 weeks at a cool place.

You can vary this recipe with horse radish, garlic, herbs such as dill or parsley, and other spices.
Keep mustard refrigerated and it will be good for 4-6 months.

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