Plum Dumplings from Yeast Dough

plum dumplings from yeast dough

The Plum Dumplings from Yeast Dough are a classic plum dumpling version and are also called Bohemian or Silesian plum dumplings or “Zwetschgenknödel” in German. If you like to use potatoes instead of a yeast dough CLICK HERE for the recipe. The classic recipe is asking for a sugar cube per plum which will add a special sweetness to the dish. Maybe a bit too much sweetness… Either serve these dumplings with melted butter, ground poppyseeds or a mix of cinnamon and sugar. But a vanilla sauce would also be a yummy addition. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Plum Dumplings from Yeast Dough

500 g flour
1 dash salt, 1 dash sugar
1 package dry yeast (must be enough for 500g flour or 1 cube fresh yeast)
250 ml semi warm milk
2 eggs
8-10 Italian plums
mix of sugar-cinnamon
melted butter
bread crumbs, natural, no spices
1 sugar cube for each plum

Cooking Instructions

All ingredients should have room temperature.
Make the Starter Dough
– Place some flour into a bowl, make a small mold, add the milk and yeast into that mold.
add salt and mix well.
– Mix in 4 tbsp flour, 1 dash sugar and 1 dash salt.
– Cover with a clean kitchen cloth and let raise for at least 30 min at a warm place until volume has doubled.
– Knead with hands until dough shows some bubbles and you can easily remove it from hands.
– Cover with a clean kitchen cloth and let raise at a warm place until volume has doubled.

– Combine remaining sugar and flour and mix well. Beat eggs with milk and add to to the starter dough.
– Wash hands with warm water and knead dough or use a mixer with kneading hooks.
– Dough is ready when it comes off hands easily and is not sticking to the bowl. If it should be sticky add more flour.

– Let raise for 1 hour. Knead the dough one time really good.
– Remove pits from plums.
– Place in each plum 1 sugar cube – that’s the original style.
– Place flour on a smooth surface and roll the dough 1cm thick. You can cut squares or circles big enough so a plum can be added and closed in.
plum dumplings

– Place 1 plum on the dough and close it, then roll to a ball.
– Cover dumplings with a kitchen cloth and let raise for 10 min.
– Bring water with 1 tsp salt in a large pot to a boil.
– Place the dumplings into the water and let cook on lower heat covered for about 10 min.
– Remove them with a slotted spoon.
– Serve with melted butter, a cinnamon-sugar mix, ground poppyseeds or vanilla sauce.

german vanilla sauce


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