German Red Cabbage Rolls – Easy Recipe

red cabbage rolls

Red cabbage can be cooked in various ways. One style is to cook it the traditional way, sweet-sour which is a typical side dish for beef rolls (Rouladen) or Goulash, or any meat dish that contains a creamy gravy.
Another variation for red cabbage are “red cabbage rolls”. You may know about the white cabbage rolls, it is the same way to make such rolls with red cabbage. Recommended side dish: Boiled potatoes, your favorite pasta or mashed potatoes. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Red Cabbage Rolls

(serves 4)
8 red cabbage leaves
3 slices bread (white wheat, baguette)
1 onion
500 g ground beef
1 egg
1 tbsp (German) mustard
salt, pepper to taste
30 g clarified butter
1-2 tbsp caraway seeds, optional (or to taste)
1/4 liter broth (instant) – How to Make Vegetable Broth –
2-3 tbsp corn or potato starch
1/4 liter heavy cream
wooden toothpicks

Cooking Instructions Red Cabbage Rolls

– Cut off the hard parts of the cabbage leaves (the middle part).
– Blanche the leaves: Place leaves in a bowl. Pour boiling water over them, leave for 1 min, then remove leaves and let dry on kitchen paper.
– Soak bread in cold water, squeeze thoroughly to remove all water.
– Peel onions, and chop fine.
– Mix beef with egg, onions, mustard, salt and pepper very well (the best is to knead with hands).
– Place about 1-2 tbsp of the beef mix on each cabbage leave.
– Roll each leave and use toothpicks or kitchen yarn to fix so it won’t fall apart.

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– Heat clarified butter in a big enough skillet.
– Fry rolls evenly on all sides.
– Add caraway seeds and broth.
– Let simmer for 40-50 minutes covered on low heat.
– When rolls are done remove them from skillet, keep them warm (cover with aluminum foil or in the oven on low heat).
– Add cream to the stock and bring it to a boil; mix starch with 3 tbsp water, must be clump free, and add to sauce.
– Bring it again to a brisk boil, the liquid should be thickened.
– If you like, fry some stripes of bacon which will be placed on top of the rolls.

Serve the rolls with the gravy and boiled potatoes.

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