The Best 10 German Dinner Ideas

sauthentic German sauerkraut

If you like to make a classic German dinner one day we have collected for you the 10 best German dinner ideas in this article. Every German dish is authentic and you will find for each meal the recipe(s). All of these German meals are classic and traditional dishes and they are not very difficult to make. Some might need special ingredients but we always let you know where to find them. Of course are so many more delicious classic German dishes which you will find in our recipe section. Happy Cooking!

Here are the Best 10 German Dinner Ideas

1. Bratwurst with Authentic Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes

RECIPES:  Authentic Sauerkraut      |    Mashed Potatoes

2. Beef Goulash with Bavarian Dumplings (Semmelknödel)

RECIPES:     Beef Goulash          |          Semmelknödel – Bavarian Dumplings

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FROM OCT 30- Dec 18

3. Pork Roast, Sauerkraut and Semmelknoedel

goulash with dumplings

RECIPES:     German Pork Roast       | (See Sauerkraut and Semmelknodel recipes above)

4.  Currywurst with “Pommes” (French Fries)

currywurst pommes

RECIPES:    Curry Ketchup          |      How to Cook Bratwurst Properly

5.  Cheese Spätzle with Roasted Onions

cheese spatzle

RECIPES:     Authentic Cheese Spätzle

6. Boiled Potatoes with Herb Quark (Pellkartoffeln)
potatoes with herb quark

RECIPES:          How to Make Boiled Potatoes with Quark

7.  Wiener Schnitzel or Pork Schnitzel with Pommes (French Fries)

winer schnitzel pommes

RECIPES:       How to Make Authentic Wiener Schnitzel

8.  Rahmschnitzel with Pasta (Schnitzel in a creamy gravy)

german rahmschnitzel

RECIPES:          How to Make Rahmschnitzel

9. Jägerschnitzel – Hunter’s Schnitzel with French Fries

german jaegerschnitzel

RECIPES:      How to Make Jägerschnitzel

10.  Rouladen – Beef rolls with Red cabbage and Mashed Potatoes

beef rolls rouladen red cabbage spaetzle

RECIPES:              Beef Rouladen     |     Red Cabbage

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