Apr 292010

german marmorkuchen

The Marmorkuchen or  Marble cake is one of these typical cakes that are a "must have" for the traditional "coffee and cake" getting together on Sunday afternoons. It's Kaffee und Kuchen time. German families and friends like to meet Sunday afternoon to enjoy a cup of coffee and some cake. They come together in their homes, or meet in Cafes which are open Sundays, especially on the country side or ins mall cities. My mother would always bake a cake for the weekend, and one of them was a marble cake. It is a delicious cake because it was never too dry or too mushy. I think nobody in Germany can imagine a Sunday without a cake - share the sweet cake moments and bake it yourself.

Ingredients Marmorkuchen - Marble Cake
250 gr butter
200 gr sugar
500 gr flour
1 package vanilla sugar
1 package backing powder
1 pinch salt
4 eggs
1 cup milk

For the dark part:
30 gr cocoa
3 tbsp water
3 tbsp sugar

Baking Instructions Marble Cake
- place butter with sugar, salt and vanilla sugar in a bowl and stir it until foamy.
- add one egg after the other slowly into the dough and mix it.
- mix flour and baking powder, then add flour and milk alternating to the dough.
- grease a baking form with butter and pour half of the dough into.

Make the dark part of the cake:
- mix water, sugar and cocoa and bring it to a short boil.
- let it cool off  a bit.
- pour it into the form and with a fork mix the 2 parts together in order to get the typical marble patter.
Pre-heat oven to 350 F, bake the cake on the lowest level for about 60 minutes.
Test to see if the cake is done: Take a knitting needle or a fork and stick it into the cake. If no dough will stick on the metal the cake is done.

Take the cake out of the oven, let it cool off a bit, then get it carefully out of the form.

If the dough won't be light and fluffy add some small amount of mineral water which will make it very fluffy.

Use this special flute form from Zenker and your cake will look authentic!

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  4 Responses to “Marmorkuchen or Marble Cake”

  1. thank you :) The German food is very good and I miss it sometimes, hence this blog. I cook German whenever I can.
    Danke, das freut mich sehr!

  2. Ich habe Euch auf Facebook gefunden und wenn Ich den MamorKucken gesehen habe . mußte Ich doch das gleich mal backen. Meine Kinder haben den kuchen ohne mich geessen . Ich backe den Kuchen wieder am Samstag für meine nachtbarn. Danke für das super rezept!

  3. gern geschehen, Marmorkuchen ist immer gut – Kaffee und Kuchen am Sonntagnachmittag – schoene Erinnerungen!

  4. Marmorkuchen is the favorite of the nation! Just good!

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