Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue

swiss cheese fondue

If you ever have visited Switzerland you probably have tried the Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue. It is served in many Swiss restaurants because it is the national dish of Switzerland. The good thing is, you can make it at home or you buy a package but there are some chemicals added. So the best is to make it from scratch. Please use original Swiss cheese which is Emmenthaler and Gruyere,  and some of the obligatory “Kirschschnaps” (cherry brandy). The cheese will be melted in a special fondue pan and you also need long fondue forks. The cheese is dipped with bread cubes. Best is to use fresh baguette bread. Serve the fondue with a dry white wine, for example a Riesling. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Authentic Swiss Cheese Fondue

(serves 4-6)
300 g Gruyere cheese
300 g Emmenthaler cheese
500 g white bread (such as baguette)
1 garlic clove
300 ml Riesling wine, dry
3 tbsp corn starch
6cl Kirschwasser (cherry schnaps)
fresh grated black pepper and nutmeg to taste

Cheese Fondue Set


Cooking Instructions Swiss Cheese Fondue

– Grate cheese (if not already grated).
– Cut bread in 1 inch thick slices, then cut in cubes.
– Peel garlic, cut in half and poke it into a fork.
– Use a fire proof form (or special fondue pan) and rub garlic along all sides and the bottom of the pot.

– Pour wine into the pot and warm it.
Add cheese bit by bit (not all at once!), stir continuously with a wooden spoon. Sir it as if youw ant to draw an 8 until the cheese has melted.
– Mix starch with schnaps, add to cheese, brings several times to a boil.
– Stir until you have a smooth cheese “dough”.
– Spice it and place on a rechaud which keeps the fondue warm.
Dip bread cubes into hot cheese by using special fondue forks.

Serve with a glass of the same wine that you used for making the fondue.

cheese fondue



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