German Crunchy Fried Potatoes

The German crunchy fried potatoes are not just the regular fried potatoes, this is a different recipe. It’s about how to cook the potatoes to get a crunchy crust. If you like fried potatoes try this one out, you might want to make it over and over. Potatoes are actual survival food and if your pantry should be empty you can make a healthy dish with potatoes alone. Happy Cooking!

crunchy fried potatoes

Ingredients Crunchy Fried Potatoes

600 g potatoes, preferably Gold potatoes
1 medium size onion
sunflower or taste neutral oil
salt and pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions

– Peel potatoes and cut in equally sized pieces, place them briefly in cold water, so the starch is dissolving. This is important because this step makes the potatoes especially crunchy.
– Add oil into a non-stick pan, and heat on high heat.
– Drain potatoes, pat dry with kitchen paper, then place into hot oil.
– Cover the pan right away with a lid.
– After 5 min turn potatoes, reduce heat if needed and turn frequently but after each turning, place the lid on top.
– Fry for about 35 min.
– 10 min before potatoes are done add a chopped onion on top of potatoes; saute for 5 min in covered skillet, fry without a lid for the last 5 min.
– Spice with salt and pepper to taste.

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fried potatoes made in germany

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