German Cabbage Carrot Salad

carrot cabbage salad

How to make a Cabbage Carrot Salad: Cabbage is a popular vegetable in Germany and you can use it for different dishes such as Sauerkraut of course but also for salads. It tastes good pickled, hot and cold and also raw. One popular German recipe is of course Sauerkraut but that’s not the only cabbage recipe. In a former recipe we showed you how to make a Sauerkraut stew and a Sauerkraut soup, today it will be a Cabbage salad combined with carrots, hazelnuts and a horseradish dressing. It is a nice addition for the BBQ. Happy Cooking!

Ingredients Cabbage Carrot Salad

(4-6 servings)
500 g white cabbage
250 carrots
1 red pepper
3-4 tbsp white wine vinegar
1-2 tbsp horseradish, salt, pepper
6 tbsp taste neutral oil such as sunflower oil
50 g hazelnuts, optional

Cooking Instructions Cabbage Carrot Salad

– Cut cabbage in 4 pieces, remove stem, and grate it in fine stripes.
– Wash and clean carrots and grate them roughly; mix carrots and cabbage in a bowl.
– Cut red pepper into fine stripes. Add to the cabbage.
– Mix vinegar with horseradish and oil, salt, pepper.
– Add it to the cabbage carrot salad and let it rest for 15-20 minutes.

cabbage carrot salad
The photo above shows how to grate cabbage. In Germany they use a special grater that can be purchased on Amazon – Find it here – 

–  If you use hazelnuts chop them roughly and sprinkle over the salad before serving.

Serve it with French bread or German rolls – Find German imported Rolls here – 

german rolls and bread imported from germany

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