Chocolate Tarte Gluten-Free

chocolate tarte gluten free

Ingredients Chocolate Tarte Gluten-Free

120 g butter
125 g chocolate semi sweet (Zartbitter), eg Lindt 70%
4 eggs, separated
120 g sugar
100 g almonds, ground – almond meal
1 tbsp corn starch

Baking Instructions

– Pre-heat oven tp 200 C or 390 F.
– Grease a 10 inch spring form with butter and place in fridge.
– Separate eggs.
– Beat egg white very firm, place in fridge.
– Break chocolate into small pieces.
– Melt butter using double boiler method (place water into a pan, butter into a ceramic bowl, and place into pan). Butter shouldn’t be completely liquid.
_ Melt chocolate the same way, separated from butter.
– Beat egg yolks with sugar until bubbly, add the almonds (that’s your dough).
– Add melted butter and chocolate to the dough. Mix well.
– Fold in firm egg whites carefully.
– Sieve starch on dough and carefully mix in.
– Fill dough into the spring form.
– Bake for 15 min and do the tooth pick test. If no dough sticks at the pick the cake is done.

The cake should be soft inside and should have a little crust outside. It’s not raising, so it’s a tart which is rather thin.

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