German Brotchen Semmel Authentic Recipe

german brotchen

This German Brotchen Semmel Recipe is a proven German recipe using German ingredients. We cannot guarantee the results as the American ingredients such as yeast and flour are different.

Please use the pages that are providing more information about yeast and flour. We recommend: Don’t use bleached and enriched flour. Unbleached flour can be purchased in almost every super market. King Arthur has very good quality flour, not cheap but it’s of high quality.

Fresh yeast can be ordered online, see the link at the bottom of the recipe. The video at the end of the recipe shows how to form the Brötchen (it’s  a special way to form them). The video is with German titles but you can see very well what the baker is doing. Happy Baking!

Ingredients German Brotchen Semmel

500 g flour, all purpose, unbleached
1 cube fresh yeast or 10 g dry yeast
300 ml warm water (purified)
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp salt
some flour

Kathi Baking Mix for a Hazelnut Cake
german nusskuchen baking mix


Baking Instructions German Brotchen Semmel

– dissolve fresh/dry yeast in water, add sugar and salt .
– add flour, mix until you have a smooth pre-dough.
– cover it with a kitchen cloth and let raise for 10 min at a warm location (at 50C or 120F in the oven, convection)
– knead dough and form 9 rolls out of the dough, place them on a baking tray and let raise for another 10 min (use oven again or a warm place)
– pre-heat oven on 480 F (convection), don’t have the rolls in the oven while it is pre-heating!
– bake rolls for 10 min, then brush them with some water and bake another 20 min on lower heat 390F.


If the dough should get sticky when kneading it just sprinkle some flour on dough.
You can also sprinkle the rolls with sesame seeds, poppy seeds or coarse salt with caraway seeds before baking. There are many variations possible. For cheese rolls sprinkle grated cheese on top 5 min before baking time ends.

If you use dry yeast the rolls may get not so fluffy as they would by using fresh yeast. In Germany we mainly use fresh yeast for baking bread and rolls, this yeast is available in every supermarket. Unfortunately not in the USA.

There is a online shop where you can get fresh yeast:
Find Fresh yeast – click here –

This is a proven recipe using German ingredients.
Check out following pages to make sure to get the correct ingredients:
All about Yeast
All about Flour

How to form Rolls the German way – This process is called “Rundschleifen”  (video has no audio) and by doing this you will make sure the rolls will be round.

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