German Kasseler Potato Gratin

This dish, German Kasseler Potato Gratin, is an ideal dish for many guests. It us using Kasseler which is smoked pork chop and it is available in special Us markets only. A substitute could be chicken, pork, sausages or beef that has less cooking time (not stew meat).

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kasseler ribs

Easy to make and so delicious. the herb summer savory or Bohnenkraut in German, is an herb used together with green beans. Find it on Amazon. Happy Cooking!

German Kasseler Potato Gratin

Ingredients German Kasseler Potato Gratin

400 g Kasseler meat, (ribs, no bones)
600 g potatoes
600 g green beans
2 tbsp flour
125 ml milk
125 ml heavy cream
4 tbsp grated cheese
salt, pepper to taste
summer savory, chopped
1 tbsp sunflower or canola oil

Cooking Instructions German Kasseler Potato Gratin

– Boil potatoes until they are almost done, peel and cut in coarse pieces.
– Prepare beans, cut if needed in half, boil in salt water until they are almost done. Drain but keep the water.
– Cut meat in coarse pieces (stew size).
– Brown meat on all sides in some oil, dust flour on top, fry some more minutes. Add milk.
– Mix well, bring to a boil.
– Add heavy cream and bean water, just enough to get a sauce (not too thick).
– Spice to taste with salt, pepper, summer savory.
– Add into oven proof form potatoes and beans, pour over the Kasseler sauce.
– Sprinkle with cheese.
– Bake in pre-heated oven on 350 F for 15 min.

Use seasonal vegetable instead of beans such as broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, leek or mushrooms.
Add some dry white wine to the sauce.


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