Green Bean Salad – Authentic German Salad

green bean salad

The green bean salad is a German salad that is super easy to make. If you buy green beans choose small ones, they must be fresh. I always buy them on the local Farmer’s Markets or if you are living close by to any Amish farms, the best beans are from their farms. This  salad is ideal for a BBQ and can be served together with other veggies such as carrot, lettuce or potato salads. Perfect side dish for Bratwurst with French Fries. In the photo below I used green beans as a side dish; the cooked beans had been sautéed in butter with onions. It is very delicious! Happy Cooking!

green beans Bratwurst     green beans

Ingredients Green Bean Salad

1kg green beans
1 medium size onion
salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste
3 tbsp sunflower oil or any taste neutral oil
2 tbsp white wine or red wine vinegar
dash of red paprika powder, mild (optional)

hengstenberg 13 herbs vinegar


Cooking Instructions

– Wash and clean green beans, cut off ends.
– Boil them “al dente” in water with a tsp of salt.
– Drain, let cool off.
– Peel onion, cut in half and cut very thin slices or fine cubes.
– Mix all ingredients for the dressing in a jar, close jar and shake well.
– When beans are completely cooled off, add onions, mix thoroughly with dressing. The best is to cook the beans the day before and keep them refrigerated.

This salad tastes the best if you serve it after 30 minutes.

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