Potato Dumplings Spessart Style

potato dumplings spessart style

The recipe for the potato dumplings Spessart style originates from the beautiful mountain region named “Spessart” in Germany, a so called “Mittelgebirge” (medium range) in the German states of Bavaria and Hessen. The mountains Vogelsberg, Rhön and Odenwald are at the border. The highest…

Fried German Dumplings with Ham and Onions

german fried dumplings

If you should have left over dumplings (this might happen even it sounds strange because dumplings are so popular when served) you will love this recipe Fried German dumplings. The dumplings are sliced and will be combined with ham/bacon (Speck) and fried onions. Yummy….

German Potato Dumplings from the Pfalz

german potato dumplings

The German Potato dumplings from the Pfalz – or in English “The Palatinate”  comes from Latin Palātium, and means palace; and in the  region itself they call it in their dialect: Palz). There is another word for it in German that is Rheinpfalz, and…

Grandma’s Easy Potato Dumpling Recipe

Easy Potato Dumpling Recipe

Are you looking for an easy to make potato dumpling recipe? Here you are – You found the right page for such a recipe. These dumplings taste like the ones that your mom or grandma used to make. Of course serve them with a…

Swabian Potato Dumplings

The Swabian Potato Dumplings, or as we call them “Knoedel”, are a regional food specialty from the South of Germany with Stuttgart as the main city of the county Baden-Würtemberg. This region has many delicious food specialties. The dumplings are served with dishes that…