German Streusel Cake with Vanilla Pudding

German streusel cake

There is nothing better than a German Streusel Cake with Vanilla Pudding combined with a cup of coffee or tea. This is an authentic and proven German cake recipe. Streusel means “crumbles” and in English that would be a “Crumble Cake”. The German Streusel…

Easy German Apple Streusel Cake

german apple streusel cake

This easy German apple streusel cake is one of  our favorite cakes (streusel means crumbles). It can be varied with the Damson plums, peaches or apricots. It is the ultimate “Kaffee and Kuchen Cake” in Germany – what we call a typical coffee cake….

German Quark Streusel Cake with Fruit

german quark streusel cake with fruit

What about a Quark Streusel Cake with fruit to combine with a cup of German coffee or tea? My favorite German coffee is from Tschibo. This is an authentic and proven German recipe, you just have to make the quark which is not so…

Filled Streusel Pastry

filled streusel cookies

Germany is the country for many pastries that are filled with all kinds of creamy fillings. The Filled streusel pastry is a yeast dough that is formed into smaller balls, baked and then filled with a rich vanilla filling. A one of a kind…

Streusel Cake with Plum Butter

german streusel cake with plum butter

This Streusel Cake with Plum butter (Pflaumenmus in German) is an easy German cake that even beginners will be manage successfully. If you don’t have plum butter  here is the recipe to make it – Go to Recipe – or get it from the…

Old Fashioned Silesian Streusel Cake

silesian streusel cake

Silesian Streusel Cake – The Silesian cuisine covers also a part of the German and Polish cuisine. It was always a cuisine of a border area, therefor you find several influences of other areas such as Austria, Saxon or Bohemia. In the Germany of…

German Cherry Streusel Cake – Authentic Recipe

german cherry streusel cake

You will love this German Cherry Streusel Cake (Streusel are crumbles). It needs some special ingredients but it is worth it to try. Trader Joe’s or Aldi carry the sour cherries, and we have seen them also in some other supermarkets. Make sure not…

Italian Plum Streusel Cake – German Plum Cake

german plum cake

The Italian Plum Streusel Cake is a classic German cake and very popular throughout Germany. For this recipe you would use Italian or Damson plums, we call them in German Zwetschgen. Streusel (or Crumble) Cakes in general can be bought in every bakery. Instead…